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Is Yog “communal” only in India?

Is Yog “communal” only in India?


I got a chance to travel via Qatar Airways a few months back and was surprised after seeing something there.  Well, the surprise was not because the air hostess danced on flight that day or I got an insect in the meals or a Bollywood star was sitting next to me (in the economy class!). But the surprise for me was kept in the seat pocket.

Among the other usual things like the shopping catalog and safety instruction card, there was a booklet on YOGA. Yes you read it right-Yoga. I said to myself “Its an airline from Qatar- an Islamic country!”. I was instructed by many frequent travelers that I should not be too loud about my religion or culture in any form of talks, clothing or otherwise while I am travelling to/via middle east.

But here I have a booklet on Yog, titled “Fly Healthy, Fly Fit”, in association with the Chopra Center For Wellbeing and our very own Deepak Chopra. It will be easy to verify my claims by searching on the Internet.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has raised the essence of the it in recent address to the UN and asked the world to have an International Yog Day. This move has been applauded my many and few countries have shown support of the same within few hours. No wonder, there can be an International Yoga Day before the next UN meet. 

It looks like almost everyone on earth can find Yog to be a way of healthier life and peace but not a section in India. When we talk about Yog in India a section smells it as communal. They call it the RSS agenda. They think sentiments of some particular group of people will be hurt. Above all, they find it old school technique and question if it is essential and necessary.

See the video below for an example:-

Coming back to the Qatar Airways issue on Yog. If Air India will do the same thing (I am not sure if it is already done there as I have never traveled via them) and the issue pops up to media, it will give us prime time action for couple of days if not weeks and months in TV debates and the carrier will have to hire someone from abroad to give us specialized training (which will be Yog but in a new package). 

It is high time that we grow up and stop the immature, anti-swadesi people from becoming famous. Yog has be an integral part of Hinduism but there is absolutely nothing communal about it. It can be part of life of anybody. All religion teach regarding unity with the almighty. And yog means unity with almighty. Or even for atheists, it can be a wonderful experience as self realization or an exercise. 


A final thought:- Its YOG and Not YOGA. Our Gods are Ram, Shiv & Krishn not Rama, Shiva & Krishna. If we start ignoring yog too like many other stream of knowledge we had, we will end up learning “Yoga” from foreigners just as we learn many other Indian things now in the name of Science. I am not against anyone but I am against those who are against the great Indian heritage and culture just because they are against a particular leader or party or may have some vested interests.    




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