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Kalam or Hazare? The race for top job of India begins. Who do you prefer?

Kalam or Hazare? The race for top job of India begins. Who do you prefer?

















It is no secret and the time for India to have a new President is coming. The question is who should be the next President of India. Let us see in to the two most eligible persons for the job. One has been tried and tested while the other has tried to change the way the nation thinks. One has proven to be the best presidents in recent times while the other has proven  many things and is ideal for many.


Both are credible and both have charmed the people of the nation. We may have A P J Abdul Kalam as returning president this time.

This time many parties are backing the missile man who has impressed the junta of the biggest democracy- India, with his skills, talents and of course work.

So why do we need him? What does he have that many of the others don’t?

As per the recent developments in New Delhi, even the present President of India (Smt Pratibha Patil) has lost her credibility in terms of many news (or rumors) that are doing rounds, in sections of society. Even her son andCongress MLA Raosaheb Shekhawat  has been found with loads of cash (a whooping unaccounted 1 crore INR) in a suspicious occasion (though, later he claimed that it was party fund and he was on-the-party-job).

In short, everyone linked to congress directly or indirectly now a days is facing a bad time for some reason and hence there is a need of the hour to have some one with excellent track record like A P J Abdul Kalam. He is a renowned Aerospace scientist and has been the president of India from 2002 to 2007. Interestingly, A P J Abdul Kalam has been awarded Bharat Ratna in 1997, which is  India’s highest civilian honor.   Dr. Kalam has been instrumental in the Pokhran Nuclear test 2 in 1998 which made India one of the nuclear powers.

One of the things not known about Dr. Kalam is the mission for youths “What Can I Give Movement” which is a movement aimed to tackle corruption – the burning issue in India. Born on  15 October 1931, Kalam graduated from MIT Chennai in 1960.

Anna Hazare on the other hand is yet another option for the people of India. He has proved many a times that he is the change India needs. The latest campaigns against corruption has enlightened the nation making millions out of  the homes and billions of posts on the social media. His fight against corruption and the call for Jan Lokpal Bill makes him an obvious choice for the post.

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