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The Best Guest Blogging Platform which “pays”

The Best Guest Blogging Platform which “Pays”.

Writing quality content and getting paid nicely is something every blogger dream of. Here is a site that does exactly the same. Though its newer kid on the block and does not have enough traffic, but it is for sure poised to be on the best destination for guest .

A quality and professional look, with over a 100 bloggers clubbed, and ideas from a varied topics makes it a place where readers would flock in. In general, the blogging word now a days is becoming slave to the “10 things that..”, “10 places for…” and “Omg, you will be shocked..” kind of articles which are just hypes and no substance.  The site aims for genuine articles that provide a nice reads to the visitors.

This is also one of the very few places where you can also guest post Short Stories, Poems, Dairy as well as random thoughts.

How the Payment works is one of the most important issues that bloggers are concerned (well, money is necessity and there is nothing wrong about that). So the site has came up with a very innovative model where bloggers earn a whooping 75% of the ad sharing. This is too much because most sites may not give more that 25% of it. The site, Freshticles.com, could be worth a try. 


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