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How to make a blog in Hindi?

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Blogging in Hindi

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Although a lot has been written on writing & blogging in English, only a few portals talk about writing in Hindi. Hindi is one of the most used languages and the use seems to be increasing with time. Hindi is the national language of India and it has a fantastic reader base.

Authors who till now have been writing on newspapers to present their opinions. But technology has bridged the gap of writing in regional languages and there are many opportunities available there. While researching on Hindi blogs, it was found that most of the Hindi authors are writing on Bloggers or WordPress. There are some authors who write in newspaper blogs sections. Although writing in blog platform have an advantage of absolute freedom, the biggest disadvantage is having a reader base.

Bloggers have to spend a long time to have a reader base for themselves. Mostly, their reader base comprise of their friends, family and their fans. On the other hand, readers of Hindi find themselves deprived of quality blogs and have to spend a good amount of time in finding good blogs.

MeriRai.com,  a guest blogging portal in Hindi resolves the purpose. You can make an author account and then start blogging. They have a clean user interface and it is very easy to blog there. The portal gives suggestions of other articles on the website and hence, bloggers can increase their reader base. 

One of the big advantage of this blogging portal is that they are giving a 75% ad  sharing for bloggers and hence the bloggers can earn with this portal.    


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