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“Sex Education” blog by Dr Harshvardhan and the Stupid Indian Media

“Sex Education” blog by Dr Harshvardhan and the Stupid Indian Media

Well if media is happy to call themselves “paid”, I won’t mind removing the “s” word above.

Yet again the Indian media has made a headlines. Yet again it is a misinterpretation. Yet again this is made when there is an allegation or a bad story against the head honchos of Congress. Yet again it is against a revered BJP leader.

Yet again the hullabaloo by the rather brainless (or acting to be so) Indian media.Yet again the public of India is made to think in a different direction. Yet again there is a statement on values and it is termed as RSS backed agenda. Yet again it is a poor journalism.


There are dozens of “Yet agains” that I can connect to this episode, but what I am seeing in this episode is really really hurting. I would rather say it is annoying.

To begin with, I must say that banning of sex education is bad. And I was about to join this made-by-media bandwagon criticizing the Health minister of India who has been instrumental in eradicating polio from this country. But then after reading his statement and trusting the credibility he carry, I thought to check the facts.

Bingo! what has the media done? Made a mountain out of a molehill. What is being written by Dr Harshvardhan is this – So-Called “Sex Education”. Now I may not be proficient in English as the media personnel especially the English media ones are but a basic understanding of grammar could explain what the Health Minister intended to say.

The double quoted “sex education” and use of the term so-called made it clear that WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT IN THE NAME OF SEX EDUCATION should be banned. I have not read those textbooks but it could be inferred that the content of the sex education should be changed. In case it is not up to the mark as what an elected representative thinks, what is the problem to take a chill pill on his statement and analyze on the facts?

Will the media stop criticizing the leaders unnecessarily? Or they do so when there is an attack on Congress? This can at best be termed as a coincidence but whenever there is a crises in the congress the media shouts for a day and then change the topic of yammer.

The blog in picture has so many fantastic ideas. Just check the picture above.

Point 4: Talks about value education.

Point 5: Talks about Yoga apart from the controversial statement.

Point 6: Says that the burden of academics to be reduced. Such a nice thought. Right? May be not for the media.

Point 7: A computer for a school but I worry if the kids start reading such “traded” news on those machines.

Point 8: Emphasis on Indian Culture. 

Reading the blog will give the kind of effort and preparation our ministers are doing but a larger chunk of the media has got just a point to discuss which is also not the way they are presenting. It’s not just strange, it’s sad.

Grow up guys!! The 4th pillar of Indian democracy has already lost the confidence of the majority of population. If things continue, it will be abandoned soon.

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