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Mr. Kejriwal, Discoms are not fighting elections in 2014. Be practical !!!

Mr. Kejriwal, Discoms are not fighting elections in 2014. Be practical !!!

Electricity pylon near colliers wood londonThe cycle of time is always on motion. That’s why chance is inevitable. Few months back an Aam Aadmi called Arvind along with the anti corruption crusader Anna Hazare observed an indefinite fast- a fast until death.

His only wish was that the Government brings Jan Lokpal Bill which will help root out the corruption from India. The Government at the center was Indian National Congress the badshah of Indian politics for decades.

The Congress showed an unmatched arrogance. Arvind Kejriwal was taunted, teased and thrashed in many respects (not literally). His demands were ignored. The “man of steel” as claimed by many of his supporters melted and he called off his fast. The Congress was unruffled and rather poked fun at this man.

Months later as the time cycle proceeded, this common man thrashed the Congress in the Delhi election and ironically, the later gave an unconditional support to avoid a re-election which could hamper its already tarnished image. 

This is the time of Aam Aadmi Party. They are literally insulting the bigggie of Indian politics time and again but Congress is simply being quite. The reason is clear and obvious – 2014 General Elections. This means that the Congress (and all other parties) are not focusing in Delhi (state) but New Delhi (Center).

Even the Aam Aadmi Party and its boss Arvind Kejriwal know this. And this is reflected in their behavior. Kejriwal know that how much he dare to say against Congress, they will not fight the fierce battle. It will be just an exchange of words. 

But now he has been fighting with the distribution companies. He is threatening to shut them down and call other companies. This is the height. Mr. Kejriwal, discoms are not fighting elections in 2014. Be practical !!!

This companies have already told their inability to provide power as demanded by Kejriwal and now situation seems to be tough. With ultimatums exchanged at both ends, the only side which will face the music will be the aam aadmi or the common man who have voted Kejriwal to power.

Trying to pressurize the power companies for the sake of impressing the fans may actually be bad for the party. The companies are here to make a profit.

What if the companies start leaving Delhi? Now to this, many of his supporters say that they do not want to bend before the blackmail of these companies but then on the same grounds your dharnas can also be called blackmail. And this is not a hypothesis. Remember once an almost financial capital of India-Calcutta (now Kolkata) is now not on the businessmen radar. Bengal itself is underdeveloped and is not industry friendly. Is it benefiting the aam aadmi there?

How can a party expect to give the tax payers money in the name of subsidy and eat a company’s profit at the same time? If this was the way to achieve the election promises, I am sorry, you need a lesson or two on governance and development model from the people you tag as corrupt.



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