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Rahul Gandhi’s mistake compilation

Rahul Gandhi has made a lot of issues for his party. Many of his statements/speeches/interviews have given a tough time to the party and party spokespersons have been seen as running away from camera. 

Here are a few of them:- 

Ek mei se Do bachche!! (2 out of 1 child)

Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom:-

This statement from Rahul Gandhi was very famous and made BJPians and opponents happy for quite a while. Watch the video.


Rahul Gandhi’s face expressions after loosing an election

Don’t ask Government. Ask yourself! 

This is what Rahul Gandhi said when he was asked a question. 

View on Black money

Rahul Gandhi goofed up again when asked about black money. This was a shocker and Rahul along with other Congress leaders had to run away from the press conference after this.

Sab ke sab naam ladai ladte hai! 

This is an epic speech where Rahul Gandhi forgets the name of Congress leader and faced an embarassing situatiion in public. 

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