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Joint Family Occupation of youngest child Puzzle

This strange puzzle is doing rounds on social media which does not seem to have an answer:-


Puzzle in English:-

 There was a joint family. An old couple was head of it. They had 7 kids – 7 boys and 2 girls. Of these, 4 boys and both the girls got married. Among these 7 siblings there were 4 engineers and 3 doctors. Every marriage that happened in this family was with a lawyer. Based on this could you tell whether the youngest boy of the old couple was doctor or engineer.

Puzzle in Hindi:-

Ek Joint family thi. Uske mukhiya 1 bujurg dampatti the. Unke 7 bachche the. 5 ladke aur 2 ladkiya. 4 ladko ki aur dono ladkiyo ki shaadi ho gayi thi. In bhai beheno mei 4 engineer aur 3 doctor bane. Is ghar mei sabhi shadiya vakil se hui thi. Ab bataiye ki Bujurg ka sabse chote ladka doctor tha ya engineer.


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