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How do you fast-forward your way into a joint venture business?

How do you fast-forward your way into a joint venture business?



Within your target market, find a business or company that has a website or its very own ezine. Approach and ask them if they want to join your affiliate program and if it would be possible for you to promote what you are offering on their site or ezine.

 In return for this, offer to give your product for free. If you have your own ezine or website, offer to promote something for them also. Try to make an offer that they will find irresistible.


Make use of your very own subscribers and visitors. Nothing like giving out something for free to make them come running to your site. In these freebies, put your advertisement. It does not have to be too obvious. A subtle ad that has a link back to you is more than enough.


Using this technique, you will have an advertisement of yourself spread everywhere. Both you and your visitor get to benefit from this style. By giving some of your own, you will get more than what is expected.


Do not get into a losing competition. You cannot always win them all. Why not join them? Look for others having the same business as yours and form your own joint venture team. By combining all your income, advertising and resources, you can win over the bigger competition for sure.


The “team” can even cross-promote each other’s products and services. This will not only lessen the expenses you have to endure but it will also bring you more profit compared to having done it all by yourself.


Find ezine publishers catering to your target market. Let them know that you are partnering with other ezine publishers for your discounted offer and that you will give the ezine publisher who gives the most result a bonus.


But you have to make sure your bonus is very good. Try to make it unique with a little personal touch. You may not be close to that person but there are many advices you can look up to regarding what people, men and women, prefer as gifts.


Conduct more contests. Contests is not only an effective way of marketing, they can also cater to the different types of market. Get in touch with a website owner in your market. Recommend to have a contest by giving away some things that you are offering.


In return for what you have done, ask them to run your ad or place your ad on their website. If the contests you are offering is good enough, you can ask for a solo ad. Or they can put them in prominent places on their web sites.


Another type of contest you can do is what they call a “contest swap”. Tell them that you will promote their products is they will also promote yours. If both of you do not have anything to offer for this contest, you can always come up with something together.


Explain to them the benefits that this will bring to you and to them. This is a way of building a good relationship and partnership. By the time you approach them with another idea for a joint venture, they will go all out in helping you because they already have a trust on you.


Columns are another joint venture idea. You can write your own column and offer it to a website owner or a publisher. The more unique your content is, the better. The ones you are offering them into will be more than glad of an opportunity to have something that is not so ordinary. It is a fact that website owners are always on the lookout for fresh and original contents to be exchanged for advertising.


Get your business cards to work for you in joint ventures. Exchange these cards with other companies and businesses in your market. You hand out yours and they hand over theirs. That simple.


Just the traditional method of advertising, which is by word of mouth, this is always one of the best ways for you and your business to get around.


Now that these ideas on joint venturing are laid out for you, there is no reason for you to wait around any longer. Join one now.


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