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Why would you go into joint ventures when there are other kinds of businesses out there?

Why would you go into joint ventures when there are other kinds of businesses out there?



You may be one of those who have been approached by other companies asking you to do joint ventures with them. Or you may be the one doing the approaching.


If you feel that you have a good product and is willing to enter into a win-win deal with certain businesses, then you get to enjoy the profits that you will be getting from your joint ventures.


Take into account that when you give out a joint venture proposal to another company, you have to make sure that you are certain about what you are offering.


Other companies will also want to be assured that you will be worth promoting. Like you, they do not want to taint their reputations by getting into something that sells poor quality products or not credible services.


Some businesses may not see the significance or understand the concept behind joint ventures. This is where you have to educate them on what the business is about and what they will be getting from it.


If you are the one doing the marketing campaign and is being endorsed by these companies, try to give out majority of the profits you are getting. This is a way of showing your sincerity in sharing all the benefits you are getting with them.


You also get to pay for all the marketing costs. If you think these are all too much, fast forward into the future and think about the steady stream of profits you will be getting once the business is already established. By spending some today, you will have it back doubled or even tripled.


On the contrary, if a company approached you and wanted to market to your customer list and make use of your endorsement, you will want to keep most of the profits.  The fact that they are just building up their customer list by selling to your customer list, you would want to be sure of their credibility first.


You still have to know if they are a reputable business. It would be discouraging if you found out in the end that what they are offering is not really made of quality and good service. Your reputation is put in line of fire too.


How much money should you expect in a joint venture business?


The amount of money you will get when you do a joint venture is fully based upon the deal you have set up with your partner. If you are going to market to another company’s customer list, you get to take a smaller part of the profit.


If it is the other way around, expect to pocket more of the profits you both have acquired.

In joint ventures, there are really no rules set. It all depends on the products or services you are offering, the cost of advertising and the deals you have made with your partner.

What should you do to achieve a successful joint venture marketing?


If you are approaching another business in need of their endorsements, be certain that they already have a solid and stable trust built up with their customers.


If you notice that they are in constant contact with their customers, then it is a sure sign that their customers trust them enough to maintain communication. It also follows that the more their customers trust them, the more money they are making.


Some business even have to send only an email to their customers to tell them about the newest product and these customers will respond instantly and buy from them. This should be the sort of business you should do joint venture with.


In addition, you would want to present a product in your joint venture that is of high quality and has the capability to yield more profits. This should be first and foremost in your mind especially when you are approaching a big company.


How do you get started in joint venture?


You can try to do it alone and have the benefits all for yourself.


But the best thing to do is find the business that you think will be very useful when combined with yours. You do not want to have regrets later on just because your joint venture is not working the way it should be working.

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