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When it is Not Fun to be a Kid

When it is Not Fun to be a Kid



There is this so-called stage in our life when we experience the numerous changes in us be it physically or other aspects. It is named as puberty. Then, it is followed by that crucial stage called adolescence. There are a lot of physical changes that occur during these stages. One of the most common physical changes and even a physical problem for young people who experience such problem is acne.


Well, it is a myth that only teenagers, or let us call them adolescents who only experience having acne, but to make it clear, acne is possible for all ages and whoever the person is. But, the stages mentioned make the younger ones prone to acne for they experience this physical change involving some parts of their system. These physical changes are of course brought about by internal processes or even changes as well.


What then causes acne?


Acne is caused by bacteria. It happens when our pores get clogged up with too much sebum produced be our skin glands.


As we are all aware of, young people are not that very particular with being hygienic and the care for face is one that is neglected. With this, acne occurrence is faster and more possible. Teens experience a lot of hormonal changes; one of these many changes is that teens produce more sebum from their face and when not properly cared, skin disorders may happen. ACNE is one of the possible cases.


Around the world, this has been a common skin problem. There are remedies; there are herbal solutions down to chemical solutions. ACNE should not be taken so hard, when one tries options for remedy, it would surely be cured. Seeking the help of  an expert would of course be a great help.


For teenagers, it is also good to ask your parent or guardian to help you out in knowing what is best for you and your skin problem.


There are also angles that connect the possibility of having acne to parents who had their own acne experiences too.


Whatever the roots may be, see to it that you, as a teenager take good care of your skin by giving the right amount treatment and not just let your skin problem get even worse.


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