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Misunderstanding Acne

Misunderstanding Acne

When those reddish things on your face start to show up, you may think that it may have been caused by this or that. You may even blame it to the most unreasonable reason. Well the best thing for you to do is to stop these misunderstandings. When you stick with them, it would not help you find the right treatment for your acne.


These are the common things we think of when it comes to the cause of acne:


The most misconception is that it is fine to have acne especially when you are a teenager. Common people would connect it to puberty or to adolescence. This is not a fact. Well, there may be some reasons such as the changes in hormones as one is in that stage. But there is falsity when people say that acne is for teenagers only. As we could see or read on some researches, there are also adults who experience the same acne problems as adults do. Age does not matter when it comes to having acne as long as you keep your face clean, you would not be prone to have it.


Another thing that has been believed to be the cause of acne is daily stress. Most people, young and old, believe in this wrong thought. There is no direct connection between stress and having acne for it the stress caused by your daily life and all other stressful activities you may think of. There has nothing to do with whatever root of stress in your work or studies. There has something to do with the way you treat your skin. When you do not keep your regimen to keep your skin healthy, you would probably have that acne that you are scared to have.


When most people think that acne is just a physical problem, it is but you should also know that it is also an emotional burden. There are a lot of emotional impacts that could be caused by having acne. On of the top most effect is having low self-esteem. As you live in a superficial world like ours, you would really feel insecure whenever you feel like having those eyes staring at your face. People with acne are so timid for they may just be tagged as “ugly” by others. There is a need for you to take care of your skin and face.


The most common misconception about acne is that it could be acquired from eating oily food. Desserts, chocolates and all those oily food must not be blamed for eating such food but for not taking good care of your skin. Well, you must se to it that you maintain that right way of keeping your face clean and healthy.


You have to know the real causes of acne; just do not resort to the wrong conceptions. They could just harm you instead of helping you out in getting rid of acne. And, you know what could be the effects of those red tiny humps on your face.


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