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What Your Clients Are Looking For from your Computer Consulting Businesses

What Your Clients Are Looking For from your Computer Consulting Businesses

When providing B2B service, computer consulting businesses’ ideal clients, or “sweet spot,” are companies with 10-50 PCs and 1-10 million in revenue. These “sweet spot” small businesses typically look for four things in their computer consulting businesses.
1.    Response Time
2.    Knowledge (Business and Technical)
3.    Customer Service
4.    Price/Value
In this article we will focus on the top two items, response time and business and technical knowledge.

Speed is Paramount in Computer Consulting Businesses
The more that a small business needs IT, the more likely that response time will be the leading factor. Why? Downtime is money lost. How quickly computer consulting businesses can address their clients’ urgent or emergency IT needs becomes very important.

Computer Consulting Businesses are more Than Just a Bunch of Technicians
Your technicians’ quick response to IT needs is of prime importance to most sweet spot small businesses. Second in importance would generally be your business or industry knowledge. For example, how well do your employees understand the client’s particular industry and niche? Sweet spot clients definitely want technology providers that can really solve business problems, as opposed to just running around doing “screwdriver” kind of work, such as upgrading RAM or loading software.

Computer consulting businesses basically becomes the outsourced IT department for your sweet spot clients. Your company will end up working on hardware support, software support, LAN and WAN support… so you deliver soup-to-nuts, end-to-end solutions.

The Bottom Line on Computer Consulting Businesses
In this article you’ve been introduced to your sweet spot clients’ first two requirements in computer consulting businesses.

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