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Types of employee issues in a Small business

Types of employee issues in a Small business


When you are running a small business, you should be prepared for various kinds of obstacles. Employees are a major part of the obstacles that you face in a small business. Some of the employee issues that you might face in a small business are described briefly below.

Work Over Load:

Some employees have problems when it comes to work load responsibility. These employees may be those that simply do not want to do more than they are supposed to do within the stipulated daily work time. However, as an employer you would need to ass whether this is a real condition or if the employee has genuine problems handling a particular work load. Employees that are overloaded feel that they are either not getting paid enough for their work or that they simply can not handle all the work that they are given even if they were to get an increase in salary.

In cases of overload, where an employee feels that s/he has been working more than the compensation offered overtime payment may arise. As an employer you may want to pay your employee extra to make sure that s/he continues to perform well. Sometimes it is just the matter of being paid more that helps an employee work more and take on a greater load. Remember, more money can do wonders. Naturally, employees that put in greater efforts and a greater number of work hours also need to be compensated. So, you justifiably need to pay an employee extra if s/he is willing to work on assignments that take more than the stipulated work-time.

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