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New Hires Are At Risk Part 2

New Hires Are At Risk Part 2


Once a new employee has been hired, there should be some kind of welcoming into the company. This is not a short term event; it is a team building event. The process is called induction.


The first few weeks on a new job will develop a new worker’s attitude to their work, workplace and work mates. This induction provides a way for an employer to positively influence new people to your business through the provision of information, training and supervision; these actions will assist in the safe transition of new workers into their jobs, work team and the company. Employers in doing a proper induction will also find an efficient, productive and safe workforce.


The induction process is much more than just having a one hour meeting with a new worker on the first day. A proper process will occur over a period of weeks or months and are the basis for on-going training. Time spent showing a new worker the correct and safest way to do a job will be return an effective and safe worker.


After all of the necessary paper work, meeting key people, work site visits and practical training has been completed, it is time to ensure that the new worker has understood what they have been told and shown. It is important to encourage new workers to ask questions.


During these first few days, give new workers clear instructions and ask them to repeat the instructions. Encourage all new workers to ask questions; this is vital feedback to ensure the new worker fully understands. Supervise the new worker while they perform the task, and correct any mistakes. A good way to have new workers ask questions is to ask them questions; this will give the new worker an opportunity to ask questions and raise issues. Have frequent visits with the new worker as a follow up. For new workers and even established workers training is never truly completed; it is always being updated.


A positive induction is a very powerful event. The event will shape the attitudes of the new employee and if positive, the new employee will grow to be a worthy asset for the company.


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