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New Personnel Can Be A Safety Risk

New Personnel Can Be A Safety Risk

Asking new workers about their previous safety education and work experience helps businesses ensure the workers know the basics of workplace safety. Too many accidents occur because businesses assume that everyone knows the basics. Businesses many times will find the worker did not know the basics only after an accident occurs. Ensure every new worker knows their rights and responsibilities.


Workers must know they have the right to participate in health and safety training and safety programs in the workplace. They also have the right to know about hazards they may be exposed in the workplace. They have the right to refuse unsafe work and they have the responsibility to follow safety procedures and wear any personal protective equipment that may be required by the company and that is required by law.


New employees are more susceptible to accidents than those who have experience in the business’ workplace. New workers can be classified many ways. The most obvious is any new hire; this can be permanent or temporary personnel and can include supervisors, with or without experience in the business or even the industry. Student workers, co-op placements or apprentices are also obviously new to the workplace. Less obvious are current workers who are assigned new jobs. Contractors, subcontractors, and visitors to your workplace all need to know the general safety rules of the workplace.



Orientation is more than just a tour of the workplace. It should cover emergency procedures, workplace safety rules everyone must follow at your workplace, general requirements for personal protective equipment, first aid provisions, information about where the safety board is posted and any other essential health and safety facts. If possible introduce new and young workers to the health and safety committee members or the health and safety representative during orientation and show them where their names are posted.



Supervisors need to be in regular contact with workers. With new personnel additional contact will be required. Communication should freely flow two ways between the supervisor and the worker. Questions on unsafe working conditions should be dealt with immediately. Supervisors must provide instruction and ensure safety regulations and rules are followed.


Providing a safe working environment and ensuring a safe start when new personnel come to work will ensure the workers are fully capable of performing work and in a safe manner.  Safety legislation includes a general provision requiring employers to ensure their workers have been provided with proper information, instruction and supervision to protect their health and safety while they perform their jobs. These regulations are to protect all new personnel to the workplace. These regulations are also set to protect the company as long as documentation can be provided if there is an accident.

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