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Signs Of Good Mortgage Brokers

Signs Of Good Mortgage Brokers


A good mortgage broker is something every potential

homeowner or experienced real estate investor needs to have

on their side.



There is no shortage of brokers out there and they come in

all shapes and sizes with various personalities.


What people don’t realize is that if you have a very

helpful and friendly broker, it can really make a

difference in your entire attitude about getting a loan.


When you have a good mortgage broker, you will usually have

a pretty stress-free loan process and they will be able to

explain it all to you simply and easily.


So how do you know if you have a good broker There are

some very simple things that will tell you right away if

your broker is good or not.


One of the best ways to judge a mortgage broker is just

with common sense. Does your broker like to talk and have

an excited attitude


That can definitely improve the experience for you but

there are other factors to consider. Punctuality is very

important and someone missing dates can be infuriating.


If your broker says they will call at 6 pm and they miss it

every time, it might be a problem. You really want someone

very punctual.


The broker should be able to list off mortgages and

programs by heart as well. It’s not a good sign if they are

flipping through a book every few minutes to look up terms

and arrangements.


A good way to tell if your mortgage broker is good is to

make sure they are willing to answer any question

imaginable without getting frustrated.


Ask them something a couple times in one sitting just to

see what they do. If it’s obvious they are annoyed and

don’t ask why you repeated it, they might not be paying

attention and just reciting some spiel they use on



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