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Long Distance Dating

Long Distance Dating


Long distance relationships and dating occur when two

people live far apart from each other and are unable

to see each other but on holidays, weekends, or on


Long distance dating can be very difficult for some

relationships if the people want to be together more

often. Some people enjoy long distance relationships

because it gives them the time apart from each other

to fully appreciate each other when they are able to

be together.


Some long-distance dating may not last a long because

they are too difficult or one of the people in the

relationship may end up moving closer so they can be



When couples experience long distance dating they are

usually able to see each other on the weekends if the

distance isn’t too far apart.


If the couple is too far away to be able to see each

other on the weekends then they will use their

vacation time from work and see each other on the

holidays. Whenever they can get the time available

they will see each other.


Many people take advantage of airline miles and earn

free tickets to fly and see their significant other

when they are long-distance dating.


The couples are able to communicate by phone, email,

and other methods, but they can only see each other

when one of them are capable of traveling.


Long-distance dating can be difficult for some people

if they find they want to see more of the other person

and the distance is just too far.


However, it can be good for a relationship to have the

time apart because when they do see each other the two

are extremely happy to be together and they don’t take

each other’s time for granted.

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