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Kissing Tips on a Date

Kissing Tips on a Date


Usually, you shouldn’t go all out with a kiss at the end of

a first date. First date kisses mostly involve light pecks

at the cheeks or even on the lips. These kisses should only

be allowed once you feel comfortable enough with your date.


The right time to kiss is usually the most romantic moments

of the date. When you feel that you’re close enough to your

date while having fun doing a set of adventurous

activities, this might be the right time to kiss.


If you’re talking while having a quiet walk at the park and

you notice that he’s looking directly at your eyes, this is

usually another one of those right kissing moments.


Try to look at his eyes and see if he’s sincere enough to

give you a light kiss on the lips. You’ll usually feel if

it’s just the right time to kiss.


Sharing moments are usually the best times to kiss on a

date, especially if you’re talking about something



The situation doesn’t need to be dramatic and serious to

kiss. The right moment to kiss during these sharing moments

is when you feel comfortable sharing your personal

perceptions and experiences with your date.


At the end of the date, you can give him a light peck at

the cheeks if you had fun with him on your first date after

he has taken you home safe and sound.


You can give him a friendly kiss on the lips if you happen

to have fun with him again on your second date. Afterwards,

a fertile imagination is all you need when it comes to the

kisses you’ll be having on your succeeding dates.


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