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Lean Manufacturing Certification

Lean Manufacturing Certification


A Simple Checklist to Obtain a Lean Manufacturing Certification


Life around the world, even in the first world and fully developed countries has really gone very hard.


There are lots of concerns and issues that hound firms around the world. Unfortunately, these issues make companies’ profitability and competitiveness at risk and declining.


Thus, experts, managers and human resources organizations have verged to come out with principles and strategies that are aimed at helping firms improve their earnings and keep operations.


Most firms now are starting to look at lean manufacturing to be able to keep with the changing and challenging times. Lean manufacturing principles are surely getting their way into various companies’ door steps.


An lean manufacturing as a discipline is expected to stay, not just in the manufacturing industry, but also in all industries and sectors.


Insufficient implementation of lean manufacturing principles


The number of companies adopting lean manufacturing principles is surely and is apparently on the rise, no doubt about that.


But the thing is, firms adopting lean manufacturing techniques are most of the time, not achieving target and aimed results because they are not doing the strategies and techniques properly.


It is reported by experts and by some consultancy firms around the world that companies adopting lean manufacturing principles are most of the time not implementing across-the-board and significant progress.


These companies are found to not attain the performance and efficiency improvements they aim to achieve. It is like working out in the gym. If the form and processes of a person is not properly executed, he will only get tired but not achieve his desired physical result.


Insufficient and ineffective implementation of lean manufacturing principles and techniques will surely make the companies’ efforts and capital infusion for the initiative futile and wasted.


Lean manufacturing certification


Because the problem of insufficient and ineffective implementation of lean manufacturing principles and techniques among companies are rising and rapidly concerning, organizations and experts around the world have agreed to set standards and gauge effectiveness of implementation of lean manufacturing principles.


To find out and determine whether companies are doing the right processes and techniques, and whether they are implementing maximized lean manufacturing techniques, industries gave come out with lean manufacturing certification program.


Lean manufacturing certification, just like any other standard check programs, categorize companies and identify those that are effectively implementing lean manufacturing techniques within their work systems.


Lean manufacturing is a sure way to make companies retain and achieve profitability. That is why, organizations and advocates feel bad if the targets and intent of the principles are not met. The primary aim of lean manufacturing certification program is to make sure the intent and purpose of lean manufacturing lived up.


A simple checklist for lean manufacturing certification


A company is expected to benefit and reap the advantages of lean manufacturing if its answers and responses to the following questions are on the affirmative.


Otherwise, the company should make sure it is qualified to get lean manufacturing certification by consulting experts and going through the whole process to make sure everything is done appropriately, properly and in the right pacing.


Here the questions companies should look into to review if they are qualified to get a lean manufacturing certification:


o       Is the performance improvement aimed at by your company upon implementing the lean manufacturing principles been achieved?


o       Is you company successful in applying and instilling upon workers the principles of lean manufacturing? Have the best practices been introduced and implemented?


o       Is the structure of the company been made lean and practical?


o       Are the target results that should come from the implementation of lean manufacturing techniques achieved?


o       Are there no more room for improvements, or is the company now enjoying significant cost reductions from improved efficiencies and streamlined operations?


Lean manufacturing certification assessments


Companies adopting lean manufacturing principles are usually assessed and evaluated by standard organization to determine whether they are qualified for lean manufacturing certification.


In doing so, the companies’ performances are subject to specially designed scoring system. Lean manufacturing certification’s scoring system are established to review if companies measure up to high and world class standards and practices.


It is somehow similar to ISO, which has become, over the years, a standard quality assurance gauge in manufacturing facilities and businesses around the world.


Lean manufacturing criteria used to judge or assess companies adopting lean manufacturing principles are specially designed to allow experts and evaluators to rate and assign scores to the subjected companies.

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