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Getting In Shape With Lean Manufacturing Techniques

Getting In Shape With Lean Manufacturing Techniques


Everyone wants to have a good physique and a healthy condition. When the entire body is working efficiently, the individual said to be strong and resistant to diseases. Training the body and toning the muscles can achieve this.


This analogy works in the business organization system. All departments work like the different parts of the body.  When one is efficient and the others are lagging, the entire unit is not working at the optimum level. Lean manufacturing techniques can firm up the company by reducing wastes and making the organization better


Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy that concentrates on eliminating wastes and dividing the resources of the company into departments and business projects that requires the most immediate attention. The lean manufacturing techniques gives the company the opportunity to harness the best possible mix of all the best their organization can offer.


The first step in lean manufacturing techniques is to hire a lean manufacturing techniques consultant. Just like in a gym, a person hires a trainer to teach them the proper way to exercise, tone and sculpt their bodies. In the same way, companies must hire a lean manufacturing techniques consultant to guide them on how to achieve zero waste in the workplace.


Depending on the lean manufacturing techniques consultant and services that they offer, the standard process of training involves teaching the staff, employees and managers in a classroom setting. The concepts of lean manufacturing must be clear to these people in order for them to fully appreciate the benefits of streamlining their systems.


Lean manufacturing techniques involves analyzing the problematic parts of the organization, including the production department, making an assessment of the most inexpensive yet effective solution an implementing it to the organization.


Lean manufacturing techniques programs


There are different types of lean manufacturing techniques programs available to businesses. Some of these are:


1. 5S – This is a simple and highly effective set of lean manufacturing techniques techniques that removes waste from the work environment through a better workplace organization, general cleanliness and effective visual communication.


The 5S means: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. The 5S lean manufacturing techniques program clearly positions the methods within the framework of the principles of lean manufacturing and the improvement of values in the organization.


The core of this 5S lean manufacturing techniques program is that to achieve an easy flow of products or services in the company in small groups, cleanliness and a followed set of procedures is needed.


2. Hoshin Kanri – This type of lean manufacturing techniques makes an aligned team. It makes employees feel part of the development of the system. Because of this, the smaller units of the corporation help higher management achieve goals more effectively as new kaizens are identified and implemented, all consistent with the vision and strategy.


3. Kaizen – This type of lean manufacturing techniques is applied as a part of the system level approach to improvement. Kaizen events, also known as Kaizen Blitz, is a focused, more intense short-term projects that are made to improve the process of a certain department.


Kaizen events takes companies away from the traditional lengthy projects where valuable time and money is spent more on planning rather than making actual changes in the company.


4. Kanban – This is a type of lean manufacturing techniques focuses on the pull system of an organization. Kanban represents the visual aspect of the physical storage locations in the retail business.


Kanban and Supermarkets work hand in hand to establish and maintain the interactive relationship of the products from the customer back to the producer and to the supplier/s. Lean manufacturing techniques explain the kanban scheduling systems that makes a more efficient way of stocking the goods from the warehouse to the point of purchase.


5. Set-Up Reduction (also known as Single Minute Exchange of Die or SMED) – This is a lean manufacturing techniques system that is often ignored. When the company doesn’t have standard or set of procedures to follow on the start of any working activity, time is wasted. Lean manufacturing techniques flexes this attribute by effectively allowing employees to get used to a system and then do it frequently for more efficiency.


There are only a few of the lean manufacturing techniques program available to any business. Six Sigma training, value stream mapping, lean assessment, lean accounting and standardization of work are among others.


Get a leaner and more effective company by undergoing lean manufacturing techniques. You will have no regrets with the number of benefits this training system can do for your organization.

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