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Lazy Mobile Buyer

Most of the mobile phone buyers are diligent. They generally take days and days of research, hours and hours of talking to others. They browse through several review sites, visit multiple mobile outlets and eventually decide on the best phone as per their needs at the best available deal. But this is not about the normal mobile buyer, this is about the lazy mobile buyer – let us call him “Giving a damn mobile buyer”. This buyer does think too much before buying the mobile knowing that even when you go through the exercise of researching like a normal mobile buyer, but still seldom end up having ticks to your checklist after you get the possession of the newly acquired mobile phone.

Though this kind of buyer is not going to go through all the pains of researching before paying up for the new mobile phone, but still there are a few points that he will go through. These are not as elaborate as the checklist of a normal mobile buyer and has just two brief considerations that even “Giving a damn mobile buyer” will have. Here are these couple of points:

  1. Memory: Both internal and external memory is something that this “Giving a damn mobile buyer” will think about. There might not be a specific requirement with regards to memory that will be looked upon to be fulfilled, but the target would be better the memory of the current phone that this buyer possesses.
  2. Looks: The new phone for this type of phone buyer matters since this buyer doesn’t generally go too much beyond looks.

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