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  • A Hidden Gold Mine in Every Business :: This division is somewhat artificial and partially maintained by the IT people themselves because of a certain culture technical people have about their specialized knowledge and application areas.  But at heart, those strange people down in IT have the same goals as every other business person which is to succeed both personally and corporately in shared projects….
  • The Project Management Method – Curse or Blessing :: Project management is an area of expertise that has undergone some significant development in the last decade.  A business project can have a far-reaching effect on the business and result in either tremendous improvement in the businesses ability to function in the marketplace or a significant setback to that business entity….
  • Project Management of a Global Team  :: The world is getting smaller.  Well, it isn’t physically getting smaller but that is one way of saying that global communications have become so fast paced that the world is really one community in a lot of ways.  With the advent of the internet, email, instant messaging and VOIP, it is entirely possible to do business with trading partners around the globe without ever leaving your office…
  • Management by Walking Around  :: The MBWA method is a management concept that has gotten a lot of “buzz” and popularity in the last decade or so because it is part of a business model for cultural change within the enterprise that has proven successful in a lot of businesses.  The original concept was created by David Packard during the early days of the Hewlett Packard organization, a Silicon Valley company that was well known for its loyal and highly creative employee base that seemed to achieve levels of productivity and employee satisfaction far beyond the norm…
  • Looking for Cheese :: Every now and then a business book comes along that revolutionaries how the business world views an area of focus.  One such book had the amusing title “Who Moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson.  This short book that is illustrated like a children’s story has some profound ideas in it that will radically change how any business approaches the marketplace.  It is a book that has had his biggest impact in helping employees who have been displaced view their job change.  But the ideas that are made simple in “Who Moved my Cheese” can impact virtually every area of business dealings…
  • Employee Retention in the Twenty First Century :: The business paradigm in virtually every department of the modern business has been undergoing continuous change in the last ten years to such an extent that it becomes necessary to step back and review how we do business in all aspects of corporate life in light of new markets and new ways even our employees do business.  This is as much true in our Human Resource Department as it is in Marketing.  The labor pool is changing and the impact on the bottom line of the business can see be serious if we don’t change how we go about recruitment and view employee retention in light of the changes to the available educated labor “out there” to draw upon for our staffing needs…
  • Decentralizing IT of your organization  ::  For decades, the classic model of how a business organizes its computer services department was to establish a separate IT department with an independent management structure which may extend all the way to the executive suite.  Over the years, the autonomy of that centralized IT function took on almost mythic proportions and in some cases resulted in abusive attitudes and ways of doing business that almost gave the impression that the business existed to serve the IT department rather than the other way around…
  • Courting Public Favor  :: At first glance, it is a bit surprising when you see how much some powerful and prominent businesses in every community bend every effort to court public favor.  Almost any community of significant size in the country has a business section in the paper.  And subscribers to the local news see their ability to stay in touch with what the strongest and up and coming businesses in town are doing as an important part of their business awareness….
  • Virtual Employees  ::  When we say something is “virtual” in modern terminology, we are almost always talking about something related to the internet.  So Virtual Dating is dating using the internet.  “Virtual” does not mean something that does not exist.  But it implies you are replacing a normal physical entity with a real but for the most part unseen entity that lives online…
  • Business goes to Cyberspace  :: It is a well known axiom of doing business in any industry that those who do not stay in step with the times will be those companies that eventually die out.  There is no place where that truism is more evident than in the way that companies in virtually every business sector are finding to integrate an internet marketing strategy with their traditional communications and to provide the public with an internet “presence” to supplement their public profiles in other venues….
  • The Steps to Finding the Perfect AD Agency  :: A good Ad agency can take a business and propel its success forward in ways that few other business partners can do.  If the business is one that will benefit from promotion or advertising, the right AD agency bring to the table the talent, the creativity and the resources to put together just the right advertising campaign and then to deploy it in a way that is a perfect fit for the business’s marketing objectives and for the market that the business serves.


  • A Corporate Travel Policy that Works  :: It is a myth that employees who travel on business resent the corporate travel policy.  The truth is that employees like to know what is expected of them and how to comply with a corporate policy as long as that policy is fair and gives them the ability to do what they need to do on the road….
  • Are Travel Agents Obsolete?  :: It seems you cannot watch television for more than an hour without seeing an advertisement with William Shatner talking about Travelocity or that silly gnome talking about Orbitz.  These travel web sites have been very successful at facilitating travelers to book their own airline and hotel reservations online…
  • Your Business Trip and Your Diet  ::  Business travel can be a productive, enjoyable and even exciting experience.  The time you spend doing business in other locations expands your business reach and scope and broadens you as a person as well.  Getting skilled at business travel is a solid business goal because there are skills related to business travel and being productive on the road that are impossible to learn if you don’t get out there and travel…..
  • Travel to Foreign Shores  :: International business travel is rapidly becoming common to work out deals and to organize international partnerships.  The economy is becoming more global as the world becomes “flat” due to increased communications and the rise of the economies around the world.  No longer are businesses deals assumed to occur only on a national scale.  To look at the business community as an international neighborhood is in step with the markets of this century.
  • The Tale of the Trip  ::  One of the things that makes business travel appealing is the fact that your company covers your expenses with your expense account.  Since you are on bona fide business for the sake of your business, being reimbursed for the costs of the trip is routine in the business world.  Now we don’t want to abuse the expense account but if you live in a reasonable fashion on the road, you can get reimbursement for most expenses of the trip.
  • Traveling Safe for Business  :: One of thing that you notice when you travel with a seasoned business traveler is that they have habits worked out after dozens of business trips to make sure they don’t have trouble on the road.  Learning to be safe in this world has to become second nature for all of us.  When you learn to drive a car, its second nature to buckle your seat belt and check your blind spot when you change lanes.
  • Staying Healthy on the Road  :: You can tell an experienced business traveler from one who is new to the experience.  It is easy for someone new to business travel to participate in excesses on the road.   As business traveler, you are an adult and you are trusted by your company to conduct yourself in a businesslike fashion during your time out representing the firm….
  • Is Now a Good Time to Panic?  :: The unfortunate thing about business travel is that, unless you are able to fly by private jet, you will have to use public transportation to travel any significant distance at all.  That means you are going to have to deal with airports, security procedures, crowds of “non business” travelers around  you at all times and the inevitable delay or canceled flight….
  • Insider Tips for Business Travel  :: As with any area of specialization, there are business travelers who always seem to know what they are doing and those who constantly seem to be in a state of crisis.  The business traveler who has been at it a while figures out some insider information that not many travelers know.  These little travel secrets make the world of difference when traveling….
  • Controlling Business Travel Costs  :: Sometimes when we are traveling on business, it is easy to let costs get out of control.  But if you are working from a per diem or have other constraints on your travel budget, you should learn some cost cutting methods that you can put into effect that won’t make your life miserable on the road….
  • Business Travel on Short Notice :: In any travel situation, the further in advance you can plan your trip, the better you will do on all of your accommodations.  But in the world of business, it often occurs that you have to get to a destination immediately and the ability to move swiftly is critical to the success of the business goal.  The good news is that you can do some preparations well in advance for short notice business trips so you are not caught completely without a plan….
  • Battling Travel Anxiety  :: The classic anxiety story about travel involves being on the road for a while only to suddenly remember that you forgot to turn off the oven.  While that is a domestic story, there is just as much or more anxiety that can go into getting on the road for a business purpose as there is for private travel…
  • Tipping as a Business Strategy  :: Tipping is an odd practice primarily because it is common and expected in some professions and not at all in others.  As adults, we become accustomed to tipping in the normal day in day out activity of our business and private lives….
  • Your First Business Trip  :: The odd thing about business travel is to some extent, it is a mixture of what you know the very strange.  The business you are going out to do you know how to do.  Whether it discussing a new business project, developing a software product or attending a seminar or conference, the business part of your business trip is probably not the hardest part.
Thanks for visiting the page. Almost everyone dreams of having his or her own business, but there are doubts and concerns related to business. There are lot of questions in the minds of young entrepreneurs which needs lot of research and analysis. We bring you the best of this.

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