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World’s Largest Irrigation Canal

World’s Largest Irrigation Canal in Gujarat India

image courtesy:- http://fb.com/shankhnaad

image courtesy:- http://fb.com/shankhnaad

What you see the Narmada canal project, not a motorway .
This is the world ‘s longest canal with total length 532 km of main canal.
Entire canal is build with concrete in order to reduce water waste.
Part 1 km from the solar panel is covered so there is no evaporation of water and electricity is produced . It is also the world’s first project of this kind.
Gujarat government has propelled the project today in those villages where the water had dried up .

The Rajasthan Canal is 74 km . There also people get sweet water else earlier they used to get salty water .
There are many stories of development you can expect to see in Gujarat .

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