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Small-Business Owners Should Check The Mail

Small-Business Owners Should Check The Mail

Every day, millions of small-business owners juggle countless tasks including purchasing supplies, leading meetings, interacting with customers and handling finances. Business owners are often so preoccupied with daily operations, they lose sight of the bigger picture and neglect planning and investing.

Although filing a tax return may rank as one of the biggest causes of stress for a business owner, a subsequent refund check is an opportunity to reinvest in the company. Instead of simply using the money for operating expenses, small-business owners should direct the money into long-term purchases benefiting the company.

How to invest? Often, small businesses struggle to seem as credible and professional as larger competitors. A great investment is a key technology tool allowing the business, its people and the work to shine throughout the years.

Project an image of professionalism. For example, a digital projector promises a smooth, impactful presentation to clients and partners each and every time. These long-lasting and dependable products fill a wall or screen with bright, vivid and crisp images, capturing every detail in a sales presentation, a pitch to win new business or a video montage to provoke interactive brainstorming sessions.

Get financially organized. Another great investment is small- business software to streamline tasks and reduce the hours spent on work not central to the business. The timesavings gained mean more energy can be directed elsewhere in the business. For example, software such as Microsoft Money Small Business has features to help manage business finances and better plan investments. It’s easy to create invoices, track spending and manage payroll with the intuitive tools in Microsoft Money.

Don’t wait to update! Beginning with tax refunds, business owners should commit to updating technology regularly. A few small investments can make employees more productive and enthusiastic. And the InFocus projector and Microsoft software are deductible expenses, qualifying for a discount of up to 35 percent.

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