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Sea waters create energy

Sea waters create energy


Tidal power is just one of the alternative energies that the major companies are using to replace the fossil fuels and nuclear power. It is just a way that you can generate electricity from the water of the oceans. You will also find that people call this thermal energy conversion. The eclectic companies are trying to use things like the ocean water’s temperature, but this theory is still beginning developed.


The ocean thermal energy conversion is still being studied and it is a very expensive process, however, once it is cost effective, you could find that it will be a top way of producing the world’s energy. There are plants for converting this energy on the shores, but then they are often found floating in the ocean or on the ocean shelves (which are not far from the land).


The basis of the idea is to use a large water intake pipe to pull very cold ocean water from a mile or more below the surface to the top of the ocean. Warm surface water is used to make a liquid with a low boiling point turn into steam, which expands to turn a generator. Then, the very cold seawater is pumped through, turning the vapor back into liquid so the process can happen all over again. As the water is then returned to the sea, you will notice that it is environmentally friendly and that the process itself is easy.


By placing the warm seawater into a low-pressurized container, it will begin to boil and then create a form of energy. This is known as the open-cycle system. As with the aforementioned procedure, it is easy and good for the environment. However, since the 1980’s the process has been studied and improved and the recent studies have proven that it can be over 95% efficient. 


As for the process of converting, you will find that the seawater’s temperature difference into energy is a new method when it comes to all the research. You will find that there are power plants that are devoting more time and money to try to be safer for the environment and use fewer pollutants. You will find that the seawater method is being the focal point of the energy research project. However, like solar and geothermal power, it is also renewable and there are companies that want to produce the electricity in hopes of survival. You can turn to sources other than the fossil fuels to have the perfect energy opportunities. For those who live hear the ocean, they will be able to find the conversion to be the type of power that you can live with and enjoy while supporting the best for the environment.


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