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Online Relationships: Are They Really Cheating?

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Online Relationships:  Are They Really Cheating?

Does your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend spend way too much time on the computer?  If they do and if you do not know what they are doing, you may be wondering if your significant other is having an online relationship.  Unfortunately, online relationships are often viewed differently, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be considered cheating.

When it comes to relationships that develop online, there are typically two sides to the story.  The first side is that of the cheater or the individual carrying on the affair.  If you ever catch your significant other having an online relationship, they may claim that it isn’t really cheating.  This is because sometimes a physical meeting never takes place.  So, essentially, your partner has never kissed or had physical sex with the person at the other end of the computer.

The second side of the story, where online relationships are concerned, is the side of the husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend who catches their partner acting inappropriately online.  For starters, it is important to know that many individuals nowadays don’t just talk online.  There are social networking websites, dating websites, and other similar websites that make it easier for internet users to meet up with each other.  Just because you are told that a physical meeting did not occur, it does not mean that you are getting the truth.  In fact, a meeting may have been planned right around the corner.

In keeping with viewing emotional affairs from the viewpoint of those who are being “cheated,” on, it is important to examine the harm caused.  Phone sex is a popular activity for couples in long distance relationships.  This may be occurring or it may be done online.  Despite the fact that physical contact has still not been made, inappropriate actions are still being performed.  Plus, even if sexy or seductive emails are the only thing exchanged, it can still hurt.  For many men and women, emotional affairs can be just as painful and as heart breaking.

So, do you suspect that your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend is having an inappropriate relationship online.  If you do, there are a number of steps that you can take to get answers.  For starters, try to enter the computer room.  If it is locked, there is a good sign that something inappropriate is going on.  Next, when you enter the room, place all of your focus on the computer screen.  Does your partner quickly change what is appearing on the screen?  Next, approach them, as if you intend to give them a hug or a kiss.  Towards the bottom of the screen should be a task bar.  This bar will give you information on programs that are open, including pornographic websites, video players, and so forth.

If you suspect that your partner is having inappropriate relationships online, it is a good idea to first think about your actions.  Unfortunately, many men and women are so surprised when they do catch what is happening that they don’t know how to act.  Be prepared.  Do you want to limit computer use, get rid of the computer altogether, take a break, or completely cut ties?  There are a number of benefits to having a set plan in place before you confront your cheating spouse.

Remember that online relationships can often develop into more than just a few flirty emails here and there.

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