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How To Broker A Consolidation Service Debt Settlement

How To Broker A Consolidation Service Debt Settlement


If you are in debt, your number one priority should be to work through a consolidation service to achieve the best possible debt settlement. A debt settlement will allow you to pay off creditors with money you receive in one large disbursement while simultaneously salvaging your credit rating.


That sounds easy enough, but what is the process to consolidate your debt? It’s a little more complicated.


You should start by asking your creditor to eliminate or reduce interest carried forward or brought forward.


In many instances, debtors do not ask creditors for help and end up in the following trap: the creditors first raise the equated monthly emoluments–most of which comes from increased interest rates. When the debtor can’t pay off the increased interest rate, he is forced to pay a penalty.


The actual dollar amount of the penalty will be negligible, but with his already-spiraling debt, the burden of those extra few dollars needlessly added will significantly add to his mental burden.


If this is your position, you need to take control and begin to eliminate your interest and penalty immediately. Once you do this, your creditor will reciprocate by giving you the benefit of the doubt, since he is no longer at risk of losing his principal.


Your next step is to consolidate all your credit card accounts by converting them into a single payment instrument–a single bill.


After you calculate the average interest applied to more than one credit card account debt, you can apply the formula for the consolidated credit card account to repay the optimum (lowest interest rate) amount only, thus reducing the average interest rate.


To make things even better, you will be able to fix your credit history by paying off all of your creditors immediately. Once the amount you receive is distributed among your creditors, you will slowly begin to recover as each creditor cancels your debt. The participating creditors will both help you recover your credit and make your repayment easier and further their interests

by recovering a principle amount that was almost sure to end up as a write-off.

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