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Growing trend to use nameplates for a variety of purposes

Growing trend to use nameplates for a variety of purposes


A Dictionary defines nameplate as “a plate or plaque, as on an office door, inscribed with a name”. Now a day this definition is too simple to define it. From merely being an office doorplate, which provides information, it has risen to a higher platform where it promotes a brand. These are important instrument in industrial promotions. On the basis of their uses there are personalized name plate, which can be used at home, office desks or doors. Industrial name plates, which can be adhered to any industrial product, machines etc and thus give information regarding the instructions, validity of product, its make and handling criterions, wiring information, warranty terms, service contact numbers and brand name, etc. Nameplates can be categorized on the basis of its utility like ring tags, data plates, identification tags,custom name tags, etc. Name tags are some thing different from name plates. These are tagged on the uniforms as identification tags, badges.

Name plates are crafted out of variety of materials and by using varied processes suiting different purposes and working conditions. Some of the materials used are stainless steel, brass, plastics, aluminum, wood, etc and processes employed are chemical etching, die-cast, screen-printing and many more. However these are not just limited to industrial use.

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Its trend in vanity purposes is scaling high. These are carved in precious metals like gold, silver and studded with stones like rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and pearls. So these are widely used in jewelry items i.e. pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. People love to display their name or the name of their dear ones, thus the gold or diamond name plates are best gifting options. Every industrialist intends to give an impressive outlook or exposure to its brand name and name plates provides him the best display solutions.

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