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Gas Ain’t Getin’ No Cheaper

Gas Ain’t Getin’ No Cheaper


The Tennessee Mountain Man watches in horror as crude oil prices keep slipping in and out of record highs on it’s way to over $100.00 a barrel. Irrespective of where the crude oil prices go  the political powers want you and I to pay a minimum of $5.00 a gallon for regular grade unleaded fuel, and they will not stop until they accomplish their goals.


They really want us walking and/or riding non-powered bikes (for our own health don’t you understand) while they cruise around in their SUV’s and private air planes powered by monstrous twin jet engines lest they loose speaking fees.


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Don’t they know or care that fuel costs translate directly to customer costs for almost every consumable in the world?  The more it cost you to get to dacomputerman shop or the computer man to get to you, the higher the cost of computer repair period!


When online computer repair trucks used to run all week on $10.00 worth of gasoline and now remote computer helpdesk 1 must spend over $10.00 per day on fuel; customers and computer man’s techs both are spending waaaay too much just to get from one point to another before any computer repair or data recovery is even started.


Of course, there are things that help keep fuel cost down such as keeping your automobile properly tuned and your tires properly inflated while driving responsibly.  But, alas, they only help so much.


Granted (for now at least) fuel cost less in the U.S. than some other corners of the world, but when computer man first spent two bits for a gallon of gas on top of Sand Mountain in Jackson County, Alabama, today’s greedy bastards just burn his #@*&!


Sorry but the Tennessee Mountain Man is just an old college educated idiot who can’t help but believe that we could be doing a lot better.  In the internet age when remote computer repair is available and outsourced it services are 50 percent more efficient than an in house helpdesk physicists must be able to do better…a lot better. We have engineers that have improved everything else, but fuel efficiency eludes them! P-L-E-A-S-E !!!!!


Here are a few options, da computerman has found.  I am going to save the best for last so don’t bug out on me now.


1.  Automobiles are built more cheaply with less costly parts than ever before.  Then they are sold at outrageous profit margins because they are so efficient.?!


Tennessee Computer Man has not looked forward to the new car models arriving in the showroom since 1968, about ten years before losing interest in the Cumberland Valley Shows arriving at the county fairgrounds.


2.  There are semi-electric cars and hybrid SUVs that keep us coming back for unfulfilled promises.


I don’t know about anyone else, but for da computerman the thought of having to buy a car rates right up there with the thought of going to the dentist.


3.  Rip offs by unscrupulous businessmen has brought us pills and powders which do little if anything to help with fuel cost, but they sure can lighten a wallet over and over again..


4.  There is the MLM 4-E Corporation, Ethos Fuel Re-formulator 3-in-1 Product which claims:


Save fuel & oil

Reduce engine wear

Reduce emissions


With Ethos Fuel Re-formulator you will Save fuel, Save Oil, and Save on Wear and Tear to your engine! Make it run smoother, cleaner and with more power with our custom ester blend that is completely non-toxic. Cost:  of course, you can order it as low as $100.00 a gallon….makes gasoline sound cheap to ye old computerman’s remote helpdesk!


5.  The Motley Fool says there is only way to reduce costs, and we refuse to take it.


NOTE:  Did you know that you can convert your car in minutes to a water-running car? You can do it yourself, and you can do it for under $100.00!


But that is like the folk who are always seeking instant riches on the internet.  Some people promise to sell you the formula and they make good money talking around it when they could just give it away.  Why?  It requires work!


It cannot be done in two hours a day let alone the half hour they promote and people are simply too lazy to perform the steps required to achieve their goals.


Instant oat meal, instant grits, instant coffee, and instant everything else has left a generation too spoiled to succeed.


For instance what if I told you, “you can have your Blog indexed on the major internet search engines within two days, but you have to do some things”?


Or, what if I told you, “your car will run primarily on water, but you have to make some changes which most anyone can do him or herself with parts available at wally world”?


Both statements are true by the way.


6.  What if we weaned ourselves and our vehicles from foreign oil and still traveled cheaper…much cheaper…when and how and where and in what we pleased?  Impossible?  Not at all!!!  Stop burning gas and start burning water.


Don’t pull the plug, at least check it out.


How much are you paying for gas?  What if you could cut that in at least half with a one time cost of about $100.00USD?


How much would that save you each week?  How long would it take you to recover that $100.00 investment?


Would that help you with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Holidays and their intrinsic expenses which are now at your door?

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