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Offshore Investment Banking

Offshore Investment Banking


Governments and onshore financial institutions are constantly trying to misinform us about the legitimate nature of offshore investment banking. A lot of people are now taking to time to research and are finding out the many benefits of the offshore world.  Of course it’s worth mention before I get ahead of myself that offshore banking is not for everyone and experienced financial advisers should be consulted before actually investing offshore.  Like any other financial decision due diligence should be performed before any cash is spent.

It’s usually believed that just the famous and the rich can benefit from investing offshore, but that is changing now.  Regular everyday people like you and I can start enjoying offshore profits too, and best of all, it’s not even that hard to do.  With the internet and innovative offshore investment banking services, an individual can remotely manage funds without ever needing to travel to the jurisdiction or having to meet face to face with representatives of the investment company managing the funds.  The confidentiality and asset protection of assets in offshore investments is effortless due to the majority of jurisdictions imposing strong anti-disclosure regulations on the financial institutions operation within their borders.  you don’t have to do much to keep your investments under wraps.


due to the recent money laundering clampdown, those who select investment vehicles that provide added flexibility and the ability to invest online or over the phone will now be required to prove identity and show that the funds backing the investments are legit, but these should be the only requirements and the jurisdiction shouldn’t have any other requests.  Even the initial requirements can be done by public notaries.


Another strategy is to expatriate or take up residence in another jurisdiction, thus changing who you have to report to.  This can land you in a place where reporting regulations are far less strict therefore allowing you to enjoy all the offshore advantages and tax-saving benefits possible.


International business is the new trend and large financial institutions that need to expand their clientele base focus on making it easier for international customers to access their services.  This is a good thing, because a lot of these offshore investment banking services offer highly competitive investment vehicles and a lot of times generate greater returns on investments than domestic investments.  Another added bonus is the tax havens that the offshore investments banks are located in allow for tax free growth of the investment until maturity.  These institutions also make it easier on the remote investor.


Investment banking abroad has proved to be profitable if approached properly.  The higher interest rates and looser regulations and restrictions on what one can do with an account allow for greater opportunities for success.  One other benefit of investing online is that newer business opportunities that you wouldn’t usually come across in your country become within your grasp because the international markets have many more participants and players.  The chance to come across interesting investments that could realize unusual profits also keep investing and banking offshore interesting.

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