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What are the Different Investment Types?

What are the Different Investment Types?


You will find all kinds of investments available to you once you enter the world of stock market investing and mutual funds investing. In fact, to those who have never even considered trading stocks or funds there are all kinds of options that you have probably never considered that are widely available to those who make use of various brokerage services that can be found online or off.


Among the most popular options for the trading public, of course, is the buying and selling stocks. Purchasing a stock is the same as purchasing a little bit of ownership in a given company. You will find that the average share of stock doesn’t provide you a big piece of the corporate pie by any means but if you’ve always loved those Kodak moments wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say you are a part owner in Kodak, perhaps then you will feel as though you really are getting your money’s worth. It is certainly incentive to encourage everyone you know to buy products to help improve your potential returns.


Mutual funds are also very popular among the investing public. While they do not work in quite the same fashion that stocks work you will typically find that you own a few stocks and/or a few bonds in the process of owning your mutual funds. These are definitely long-term investments but many happy retirements are being built on these funds and they are quite valuable to the average investor who seeks stability and profit in smaller degrees rather than one at the detriment of the other.


Day trading is another form of investing that is gaining no small degree of attention, not all of it good. For some people, day trading is an adventure game though the costs can be quite high if proper care and attention aren’t devoted to learning the best methods for investing in this very risky investment type. Day trading is not really investing so much as it is buying and selling quickly in hopes of massive profits immediately. Most people consider investing more of a long-term commitment but day trading is more like a one-night stand.


Trading penny stocks is another risky business in the investing arena but many millions have been won in lost with these kinds of stocks. Many of the big businesses you see listed on the big boards today began their trek to the top of the heap as penny stocks and many find themselves as penny stocks once again when on their way down from the heights of fame and infamy. Fraud is rampant in the penny stock arena so be sure that you keep both eyes open if you decide to try to navigate these shark infested waters.


With bonds you are essentially loaning money to the business or agency that you are bonding with and they will pay you back at an agreed upon time. This is a risk though admittedly not as risky as other investment methods. There are many who swear by bonds and those that avoid them like the plague. I prefer to deal with bonds only as a part of mutual funds but that is just my personal choice. Whether or not you decide to take on a bond or two is strictly your choice as well.


As you can see there are many options for those who are interested in investing. The problem is often choosing the investment type (s) you wish to pursue for your financial future.



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