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What Is Offshore Stock Trading And Online Banking?

What Is Offshore Stock Trading And Online Banking?


When you think of making an investment, you want the best return possible. You might find an investment that does well for a while and then takes a drastic down-turn. Investments can be a bit risky, but who ever got anywhere by not taking a chance. There are investments available that regularly return between 30% and more than 100%.

Where can you find these investments and be sure they are not scams. You may want to seek out an investment advisor that has a proven track record. Trident Press is one of the best. Trident Press publishes information on the 150 best investments in the world. Many of these investments allow you to invest as little as $1000.


Hundreds of hours are spent tracking down the best investments in the world. Information is gleaned from top brokers and analysts. Only the best investments are included in the information from Trident press. Many of these investments have to do with offshore stock trading.


Here are a few of the tips you will find in the High Yield Investment Books-volumes 1 and 2.


– The best investment fund in the world-well over 100%pa.

– Over 40 fund investments with returns of over 50%.

– Offshore Brokers who will protect your privacy.

– Hong Kong fund returning over 100%pa.

– Private Swiss Annuities.

– Buying Real Estate at a big discount.


These books are also available as an e-book.


Offshore stock trading and online banking would be a great asset to your finances. Foreign countries that are favorable for investment have certain laws that will give an advantage to an investor. These laws take the form of local no-tax or low-tax on investment income, no matter the investors place of residence.


Everyone wants a good return on their investment, one such investment is the Momentum Assetmaster Fund. This London hedge fund was started in 1991 and has averaged 12.54% yearly upturn since it started. Cuttyhunk Fund Ltd. was started in 1997, and has never had a loss, returns have been 21% annually. These are only two of the many offshore stock trading and online banking investment.


Offshore stock trading and online banking has many benefits. Tax planning and estate planning are a couple of positive benefits. You can invest offshore and onshore, the choice is yours. Many offshore banks offer stock portfolios for your investment needs, online.


The Dominican Republic offers fixed income and growth investments. You will not need to travel there to invest. You can use your home computer or phone the online banks. Do not use your home phone, use a public phone and a calling card to prevent theft.


The main reasons to having offshore stock investments are: Asset Protection-Protects against claims from bankruptcy creditors, and other people having an interest in your money. Estate planning-saving investment income and long term benefits on a favorable tax basis.


There are so many reasons you should invest in offshore stock trading and online banking.

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