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Lean Manufacturing Engineer

Lean Manufacturing Engineer


The Lean Manufacturing Engineer


Lean manufacturing has truly become a widely accepted and used discipline or approach to making the business efficient, profitable and competitive.


Companies around the world have indeed started to recognize the importance of adopting the basic and fundamental techniques and strategies of lean manufacturing.


That is because operational costs are constantly and rapidly rising nowadays, and the capital requirements for operations and energies are specifically soaring.


The case comes hand in hand with the unnecessary and unlikely narrowing of margins and declines in profits and earnings of companies even in the developed nations.


Thus, lean manufacturing has become part of the global companies’ dynamics and internal operations.


Lean manufacturing engineer


Along with the rise of lean manufacturing as an essential element of companies’ operations is the introduction of a new set of workers—the lean manufacturing engineers.


As the job title suggests, lean manufacturing engineers are basically and practically installed and appointed to oversee the implementation of lean manufacturing principles and techniques, most especially in the manufacturing industry.


Because lean manufacturing principles are too complex, but effective, companies are surely infusing investments to make sure the techniques are well implemented. Lean manufacturing engineers are created and assigned to do that.


Although the nature of the job also suggests that the position should be assigned to professional and competent human resources personnel, lean manufacturing engineers are better equipped and fitted for that because they have the necessary and pertinent background in manufacturing and engineer.


That is one factor and edge the human resource counterparts do not apparently have. Lean manufacturing engineers, indeed, have become important personnel that help companies increase profits and competitiveness and at the same time, reduce costs.


Lean manufacturing engineers’ responsibilities


Like all other professions and job positions, the post of lean manufacturing engineer entails and requires specific activities, duties and responsibilities.


Lean manufacturing engineers, indeed, have become important and needed personnel inside companies. Find out more.


Lean manufacturing engineers should, first and foremost, apply and develop advanced and practical, but effective engineering methods, research, theories and techniques in probing and solving complicated and serious technical problems.


In that case, lean manufacturing engineers are tasked and expected to help come up with solutions to technical problems that hinder the success and effectiveness of lean manufacturing principles applied in companies.


Lean manufacturing engineers are assigned to direct important stages of projects and programs using the efficiency-focused lean manufacturing techniques.


Thus, they are also assigned and are expected to coordinate with all necessary personnel and teams to make lean manufacturing efforts effective. Lean manufacturing engineers are also set and expected to provide technical support, whenever needed, to staff.


Other duties of lean manufacturing engineers


Lean manufacturing engineers are tasked to evaluate, assess, analyze, and most importantly, plan approaches or methods that are aimed to help the company in general achieve solutions and resolve to various and complicated technical problems.


In general, lean manufacturing engineers are also responsible for devising new techniques and approaches to encountered problems using lean manufacturing principles.


He or she should also be responsible for recommending corrections to a number of technical analysis and designs so that the completion of the project involved is ensured.


Requirements of the lean manufacturing engineer’s job


Because the position entails a lot of responsibilities, duties and assignments, an applicant to the position of lean manufacturing engineer should have several characteristics of skills.


That is because the lean manufacturing engineer is required to complete and do specific tasks. Among them are:


o       The recommendation and development of long-range and even short-range objectives and goals using the principles of lean manufacturing.

o       The evaluation of existing manufacturing systems so as to identify areas that require improvements and efficiencies.

o       Maintenance of lean manufacturing methods, preparation of capital requests, support recommendations, and even the justifications for cost appraisals and estimates.

o       The lean manufacturing engineer is also expected to serve as supervisor or facilitator for teams during lean manufacturing activities and technique implementation.

o       Lastly, the design and devising of appropriate and necessary methods of planning and the facilitation of implementation of projects.


Lean manufacturing engineers, moreover and overall, are expected to imbibe and believe in the principles of lean manufacturing.


No one can get as effective as a person whose heart and dedication is to helping a company achieve cost reductions and savings, and eventually improve performance and profitability. No need to emphasize that, right?

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