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Lean Manufacturing Consultant

Lean Manufacturing Consultant


What Is A Lean Manufacturing Consultant?


The world of manufacturing has always been driven to be effective and efficient at the same time, this is where the lean manufacturing consultant comes in.


This type of consultant is very proficient in using various techniques and tools that can really and most often and not significantly improve the manufacturing business.


Every business wants to be streamlined. Applying lean principles will depends on the lean manufacturing consultant. There are other factors to consider. If the company is already applying different lean principles, it might want to implement another lean tool aside from the ones that they already are using. If the business has not made use of a lean manufacturing consultant, they will have to start from the basics and move on from there.


Lean manufacturing consultants having a new company to which they will be applying the lean principles for the first time have to get the changes right the first time. These changes start from the base of the business, and not getting it right can have serious consequences.


What do lean manufacturing consultants really do? Why is their job so important in the manufacturing business? Lean manufacturing consultants first look at your current business process. Through analysis of your business processes, they can determine which changes to make and thus improve your business even more like for time to manufacture the product, to it’s delivery and of course profit.


To focus on how the lean manufacturing consultant will improve your business, we will give a breakdown of what he does. First we have to know what is a process. A process is doing an action or a series of actions and getting a reaction.


For example the process of preparing cup noodles. You have to open up the cup noodles, then put hot water up to a certain point, Cover the cup noodle and wait for 3 minutes. This is in itself a process. To sum it up, everything we do everyday is a process.


A lean manufacturing consultant for a company has to first select a process. He has to then document on how this process is done. To be able to do this he has to sit down and talk it over with the people that are involved in this task and list every detail that they tell him. A good thing to do here is to make use of a flowchart to show the steps that the process makes.


After documenting the work process, the lean manufacturing consultant has to analyze it. You have to time how long each process takes to finish. Then pinpoint the important and not so important steps, if the step repeats or does not repeat itself. You will then have an idea of how long and where to improve on the current business process.


The lean manufacturing consultant’s next task is to implement the necessary changes to improve the business process. Talking to the management here is very important since you need their support in having your new business process put into action.


Not having the support of the management will have made your work a waste. What’s more, the company will not have improved on that area or process which you have analyzed.


The lean manufacturing consultant also has to scrutinize the important steps that have been identified before to see if there is anyway in improving them or if they have become not important and can be done without.


This process is repeated over and over again until the lean manufacturing consultant has gone through all the processes of the business. After making use of the expertise of a lean manufacturing consultant, I’m sure that your business will have aside from better profit, less waste, more productivity, a better management employee relationship, better benefits, and of course a streamlined efficient business for the owner. All this courtesy of the lean manufacturing consultant.


Hiring the right lean manufacturing consultant can also spell the difference of a successful lean management implementation and the death of an organization. A lean manufacturing consultant must be very knowledgeable and has the experience to handle the different processes of different types of organization.


The lean manufacturing consultant must be able to predict trends and yet establish a standardization process within the company to make sure that there is no wasted resource. This is why a lean manufacturing consultant is highly prized by any organization.

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