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What Is Lean Manufacturing Process?

What Is Lean Manufacturing Process?


Lean manufacturing process is the process of empowering companies to be able to implement manufacturing methodologies that attempts to maximize the valued goods and minimize the waste that comes with it.


Every company has been asking what is lean manufacturing process. What is lean manufacturing process as compared to the present manufacturing methods and why should it be considered.


Lean manufacturing process hopes to satisfy not only the customers of a company but its employees and shareholders as well.


What Is lean Manufacturing Process To The Beneficiaries


1. What is lean manufacturing process to the customers?


Customers only pays for what they need. This is called value in the perspective of a company. Value is termed as something that the customer is willing to buy or pay for. 


So basically, lean manufacturing process gives the customer what it wants. What is lean manufacturing process as an effect to customers is that it decides to make the manufacturing companies more customer centric and therefore more satisfaction to the customers.


Companies usually do surveys or just plainly asks a particular customers of his needs or wants and then focuses all its available resources and energies to that particular need.


2. What is lean manufacturing process to the employees?


Employees have long been part of the manufacturing line. They are considered to be a major part of the manufacturing line. If a company implements a lean manufacturing process, the employees will benefit from the ease of work and less redundant or loops in the manufacturing line.


Though, underutilized employees are also part of the program of lean manufacturing process, employees will surely benefit from less stress.


What is lean manufacturing process’ effect to the employees is that the lean manufacturing process will eliminate the processes or things that are considered as waste in the manufacturing process.


At some point, an employee can be considered underutilized and an action will be required as is taught by the lean manufacturing process.


3. What is lean manufacturing process to the company?


The lean manufacturing process will bring great benefit to the company since its programs are focused on how the company can improve its manufacturing lines. What is lean manufacturing process for the company is that its ability to eliminate wastes and diminish redundant and looping processes.


What is lean manufacturing process to the customers, employees and shareholders is that it aims to develop a centralized and more effective manufacturing process beneficial to all.


Below are some of the focal points that are aimed to be resolved by the lean manufacturing systems:


a. Inventory

b. Overproduction

c. Defects

d. Waiting Time

e. Extra Processing

f. Underutilized People

g. Motion

h. Transportation


These focal points of the lean manufacturing process will be methodologically acted upon. Each of these focal points have been a problem by one manufacturing company or another. Therefore, a solution for a problem that includes the abovementioned focal points are readily available. Any future problem will be studied for a ready solution. A problem may be solved mechanically or methodologically, in whatever way, the solution will always be available for the manufacturing process.


What is lean manufacturing process as implemented on these focal points? the lean manufacturing process is drafted to increase the value of the goods and decrease the presence of wastes. It is after years of experience in the manufacturing lines that effective methodologies are made in place to improve the manufacturing lines of manufacturing companies.


What is lean manufacturing process compared to the old methodologies in manufacturing if these methodologies do not contribute to the overall gain of the company or the satisfaction of the esteemed customers.


The lean manufacturing processes in placed today in most companies were constructed in reference to the lean manufacturing systems that started in Japan. The lean manufacturing systems or processes started in Toyota Production System (TPS) in Japan. That is why most of the terms used in lean manufacturing processes are Japanese words such as kaizen, kanban and andon. The Toyota Production System has a wide experience when it comes to manufacturing and it has been rightly so that they have developed their own lean manufacturing process.

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