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Rajinikanth to Join Modi Led BJP? Run till you can, Congress ;) Analysis

Rajini sir to Join Modi Led BJP?  What does this means for BJP?

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Now, this is a wow news for Rajini sir’s fans and a real smile bringing one for NaMo supporters. This is a deadly combination for the opposition (well not literally, Mind it ;)). Rumors are doing rounds that the South Indian super duper star Rajinikanth is joining the politics. And he is joining none other than for the super duper politician from the BJP, Narendra Modi.


Rajinikanth Rajini sir with Narendra Modi BJP Politics

Image By: Surian Soosay

Both of these personalities have charm which is unmatched in their own domains. While Narendra Mosi has been consistently been in top slot in almost all of the pre-poll surveys taken place (We are not sure of any one where he is not), Rajinikanth is a regional actor who has a charm arguably more than any of the actors in India.



The next elections are due in 2014 and it could pre pone as well. What does this mean for BJP? This has a very important significance for the BJP. BJP has been always struggling in the southern region. This is particularly good for the party as   TamilNadu was never a cheer giver for them. But now with Subramaniam Swami joining BJP, closeness of Jayalalitha with Mr. Modi and Rajinikanth joining,  BJP can play on the front foot and hope for good numbers in south India.

Moreover, after the defeat of the party in Karnataka, this could be a breather as well. The reason being Rajinikanth has a huge fan following in Karnataka as well. Let us wait and watch. Submit your views in comments 🙂



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