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All AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) supporters should read this

Where is AAP heading now?


A post on facebook by the page “Final War Against Corruption” drew my attention.

It has this interview from Dainik Jagran and says a lot including, 

क्यों मजबूर किया था ? राजनीति में आने को ?

Reading further it says 

और जब राजनीति में आने को मजबूर किया तो …आना पड़ा ..और अब अगर राजनीति में आयें है तो …..वोट तो काटेंगे ही ..चाहे बीजेपी का हो ..या फिर कांग्रेस का 

 This made me bound to write this article. Where is the AAP heading? Do you support Aam Aadmi Party? If yes, you might like to read this further and think about it. 



I was impressed by AAP before. But such philosophies (read arrogance) raise questions about their credibility.

I would like to ask them these questions:

1. Agar BJP aur Congress k vote kaatenge toh kya Samajwadi party etc.. k liye raasta saaf kar rahe ho? (If you are happy and call it the part of the game to cut tickets of Congress and BJP, are you actually paving the way for Samajwadi Party etc?)

2. “Vote Katenge”??!! Do they want to play a spoilsport giving 3rd, 4th or nth fronts to club into some strange combination and make a Government? (UPA would be far far better than a collision Govt comprising SP, BSP, RJD, Left OMG!! what am I thinking!!).

3. If they forced you to come to politics(kyun mazboor kiya tha),  does it mean they are now in politics to either win or not let any body else to win? Since they are in, they will play the game at what so ever cost?

4. Now suppose AAP succeeds to throw the cold water on the dreams of people to have a 1 party Government (as they are also claiming they will cut votes and no body can guarantee a win), then what next? What will be the future? Will they support BJP, Congress, or Others? And if they remain away from all of these, will there be a difference between shouting outside and shouting in the house without enough  strength to make a constructive change?(Pardon me for the language, but I loved when you, lead by incredible Anna,  were fighting on roads and that seemed to have a impact in the thought process of people.)

5. Corruption, corruption, corruption!!! Agreed. But where is development? Any ideas??? Till now they have been fighting for the Aam Aadmi against the Government and the Tatas and Ambanis for the high electricity prices, how will they work as a team with these companies once they are in power (How so ever good, bad or ugly u tag businessmen, they are working for the nation, directly or indirectly.). They claim to bring clean people into politics, but where will we have those smart guys who can bring in a new”Bharat Uday“. 

6. They have always been stiff on things that they think is correct. Even if Anna or Kiran Bedi does not agree to it, they just want to move on in their own path. Will it be feasible to sit in parliament with this stiffness.

7. They claim that they will win in Delhi elections and show the nation how they will run a state and then ask for vote for the 2014 elections. What if they don’t win in Delhi? 

Most of the surveys suggest that Modi led BJP is having a good lead over others but still almost none of these say that BJP can win alone. AAP is far behind. At least, it can be inferred that AAP(like any other) won’t win with a clear majority. There are many unanswered questions.

Whatever happens, I hope, should be good for the desh and the junta.


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Ankur Mehta


  1. raghav says:

    Paid Ad hai yeh..

  2. raghav says:

    Is tarah k articles se kya milega

  3. neha jain says:

    NaMo NaMo PM go.

    If we cut votes it will be bad for us only.

    Just look at the kind of collation govt we get and how they work.

    AAP has only talked of 2 things:-
    1. Lokpal
    2. Durso ki burai

  4. prerna delhi says:

    Tum log bas piche pad gaye ho is aadmi k.

    Look at the kind of work he is doing

  5. sana khan says:

    I used to support Kejriwal thinking that they will do something for minority.

    But this is wrong. His intentions are now to just win.

    Aise kaise kaam chalega.

    This will be a bad thing for country

  6. rashmi says:


    This articles are eye opener.

    They should answer. Kejriwal can give dialogs and he will answer this questions but thee points here are valid. It seems they are same like SP, BSP etc.

  7. Aditi says:

    No one should question the intentions of AK.

    He is clean person. I don’t know about other AAP people but AK is gud.

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