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Kannadigas Fight for Water makes Rain God happy

Its RAINING in Bangalore!!!


It was not just another Tuesday for one of the largest cities in India. It was followed by a struggle for water a weekend before. The love for river Kaveri and the need for water was the cause and many Kannadigas were on the streets to highlight their problems on the lack of water. There were people ready to die for it and many politicians, film stars and prominent personalities  also joined the crowd and gave the people confidence.


But it seems the Rain Gods or the Indra, are happy with the devotion of people and there was a jhamajham barish in the morning here. While in some places, it was raining cats and dogs, the rain was little in other areas. There is cheer among people and a high hope that the rains will improve situation in the state which is fighting to prevent its water to flow to other states because of shortage of water in their own place.

According to the weather forecast, the rain is likely to be there on weekends also and it is a really matter to cheer for the Bangaloreans who are planning some adventures in rain. Also in general this will be nice for people who just want to have their chai and pakodi watching the rains from homes. 




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