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Joint Ventures: A Way to Jump Start your New Business

Joint Ventures: A Way to Jump Start your New Business



Try to answer the following questions first before continuing to read:


•     Do you have an online business that you just completed making with all the links and key performing properly and have an affiliate program but you need to jump-start it with no cash for promotion?


•     Do you want your goods or services in front of thousands of customers within hours without spending a single penny for the offer?


Joint venture is right for you if you answered “yes” to either if these questions. Joint ventures can give you free advertising and also targeted internet traffic.


Before getting eager, you should first know that joint ventures have advantages and disadvantages as it is with everything in life.


Firstly, you have to know what joint venture is. A joint venture is a collaboration or partnership by two or more companies for mutual gain, usually profit sharing. It’s that simple. You might ask what makes a joint venture very advantageous. Joint ventures allow you to use other people’s web assets, like targeted web traffic.


Another is that you can expand your credibility by joining up with different reputable, branded business.


With joint venture you can obtain new leads to customers, get discounts on products and services, save money on business management expenses, you can have an advantage over your competition, get referrals from other businesses, save lots of time and money on advertising, gain valuable skills and knowledge, safeguard your cash flow, get rid of extra inventory of your products. Also, by saving money, you can get out of debts much quicker.


With joint ventures, you can discover hidden income streams, trade unproductive products for money making ones to your partners, increase sales and profits, learn new information from experts for free, increase income by more affiliates wanting you to sign up for their company, you can offer your products at a much lower rate than that of your competitions.


This is why joint venture is a great method to jump-start your business, especially if you signed up as an affiliate.


What is the best joint venture partner?


The best joint venture partner would be newsletter owners and website owners that are related to your website product and services.


These are the advantages of a joint venture.


The disadvantages are:


Locating newsletter and website owners that are related to your website product or services and getting them to accept your proposal. This can be quite a task for someone who’s new to joint ventures. This is because the internet is a very big place. And finding a newsletter or website owner can be difficult for a beginner.


This can also be difficult for someone who doesn’t spend much time in the internet and only has an online business for making some extra buck.


To find a responsive joint venture partners try to consider these following guides:


Since finding a joint venture can be difficult, you should do what most people do. Use search engines, type in keywords that is relevant to the products or services you are selling. After you typed in your search, you will get a list of results. Click on a link that you think would make a good potential joint venture partner. If it doesn’t accept your proposal then move on to the other sites.


Try to focus your search on the first two pages of the results, if you come up with no results, try using different keywords. If you see a potential joint venture partner, contact them by locating their contact information in their website.


If you don’t find anything on your search results, you can find some potential joint venture partners in forums, newsletter directories, newsgroups and membership sites.


Write an article about your product and services and post them in article publishing websites, include a sentence that you are looking for joint venture partners. This way, a business will seek you out and not the other way around.


Once you find a business, email them about your joint venture proposal, tell the business owner the benefits of joint venture. Explain to the business owner why it would be a win-win situation for both of your business. Also, people like to be complimented, do this on their business, website, products, articles and others.

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