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Is Kumar Vishwas “sexgate” the latest AAP controversy?

Is Kumar Vishwas “sexgate” the latest AAP controversy?

It looks like controversy and Aam Aadmi are besties. They just cannot do without each other. But the latest controversy which erupted is a real real threat to the party. It would be hard to believe but this time this is not just a “political realignment” sting or some leader quitting the party, but is about the alleged “sexgate” involving Kumar Vishwas.

Although Articles2Read.com do not vouch the authenticity of this news but there is a report in DNA titled Kumar Vishwas’ mail shows lack of trust in Arvind Kejriwal. The article is about a “chain of emails”, between various top leaders. As per the article, an unidentified person alleged the “koi deewana kehta hai” fame Kumar Vishwas about “accepting black money and sleeping with a volunteer student & getting caught by wife”.

Although  the news got silent among the high voltage AAP drama regarding Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav today but this could be the next big controversy in the party. As per many ex AAP leaders, Arvind Kejriwal is keen to have only 3-4 people and some of the others like Kumar Vishwas and Ashish Khetan would be the next target and will be “left aside” soon.

It would be very very interesting to see what happens if Kumar leaves the party if this “Kumar Vishwas sexgate” news comes true and its a conspiracy to put him out of party. Because he is only second to Kejriwal in AAP who has a huge fan base. This would be a bigger blow to the party than perhaps Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan exit in terms o fetching the youth support for the party. 



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    Kumar Vishwas sexgate will be the death of hopes of many.

    pEOPLE HAVE GIVEN A lot for this party and this is unacceptable rom senior leader like him hpe this is incorrect

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