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Investing In India

Investment in India

Investment in India is the latest trend among the business circles. The chief reason is the cost saving with highly competent workforce. More and more companies are opening up their offices in India. It started with the back offices and customer support functionality but now things are far more advanced with many companies opening up the R&D centers in India.

In addition to this, India is a huge market by itself and although there is a big percentage of “below poverty line” Indians residing, the “Great Indian Middle Class” or the consumer class is increasing its budgets and spending have increased many folds in the past decade. There are many programs launched by the Government of -India to increase investment and many of the world’s largest brands are coming to the “golden sparrow” for making a fantastic business deal.

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Real Estate in India is again a booming sector and the land prices have touched the skies in some of the metro cities. Many of the infra and construction companies have grown substantially huge in the past decade and large pie of development is still untouched.

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