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In search of Confidence

In search of Confidence



What is the big deal with confidence. Why do some people have so much and others are struggling just to get their name out wondering why they missed out or something. Well we’re all living in this box, and until we realize that we’re not and then here we are… “obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goals”

Is it possible to teach confidence? Well, yes. Anything is possible!

Take drinking for example. Drinking is of course a way of releaving stress but really in turn most of the time creates more…much more…? who would tend to agreee with me? Like you had a long week or exams or life just isn’t getting you places or your life is too hard and seems like there is no way out or how about Asia. Everybody is just so damn busy and has no time for families or friends so when they do get the chance they want to drink it away. Then once the drinking begins. The talk starts of changing lives and big hopes and money and next minute. Heads are huge if they weren’t already before.

Guess what you wake up no closer to your dreams but have a nasty head ache and are probaby tired or else have wasted half of your day sleeping!Confidence you gain when your drinking isn’t really yours. If you get layed or get a hot date well don’t thank yourself but rather the poison sitting next to you or in your stomach. When the poison wears off you are still the same chicken that you were the night before. How long will this go on for?

So if you don’t get your confidence from drinking where does it come from then? well 1st of all lets clear our heads and think straight here. hope you didn’t drink last night! Well everybody has to discover their own confidence and some people may discover theirs quicker and some people may never quite find all of it. well just listen to your heart and block out the stuff that isn’t bringing you in the right direction

I’ve grown up with my fair shair of love but know people who haven’t and all I can say is that I belive in you even if you don’t yet! Have you seen the “Conte of Monte Cristo”? Well God belives in you as well even if you don’t believe or have faith in him! Change can be hard but the hardest thing I thing would be too look back on a life of regret or chances that we didn’t take:

“The only real regrets we’ll have when its all said and done is the chances that we didn’t take”

“We’ll never truly know what were capable of until we go to far” or “dreams are the limits of our success”

Never give up. It’s never to late for anything!!!

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