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Identity theft and your credit history

Identity theft and your credit history


You should know that identity theft has become worse with the major problem of shopping online.  There are sammers that are setting up clone web sites like the ones that are very popular to make purchases so that they can fool you to enter your personal information.  You can also have your personal information stolen by not disposing of bank statements and other pieces of mail properly.  You need to shred anything that has your personal account information and social security number immediately.  This will help protect your identity and your good name as well.


Any woman that knows that it is very scary to have your purse stolen. This is going to cause a dreaded nightmare.  You will end up losing your money and all of the things that are in it.  You will have to get all of your personal information cards cancelled or replaced.  You will have to have your debit account closed or changed.  You do not want your bank account to be completely emptied by someone that has your debit card number.  If you do not freeze your accounts and stop this from happening you will be broke.  The other important things that you will need to do are to file a report with the police and place an initial fraud report on your credit report.


You will be taking a chance anytime that you give your personal information on the phone or Internet.  Before you enter your personal information like your credit card number to make a purchase, make sure that you check the web address to be sure that you are on the companies official web site instead of a fake clone with the same appearance but with a very wrong address.  This is something that is often not taken into consideration and many thieves have exploited this issue too many times.  If you see this happening, you should report the fake site to the official site and this can help to prevent any other person from fraud by this company.  This is going to help save your own credit and keep you save from anyone that is looking to take over your identity.


The right thing to do id you feel that you are a victim of identity fraud is to get an very accurate credit report and look for the activity that you are sure of that is not yours.  In the event that you do find a new account is open or activity is not anything that you did contact the companies and try to get the signatures that was made by the thief.  The faster that you do this means that you will find it easier to keep your credit report safe and unharmed.  Make sure that you are taking note of every action that you take and make sure that you are asking many questions about your credit score to make sure that is all correct as it should be.


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