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How to make hand made greeting cards

How to make hand made greeting cards


•     Check your envelope size before you make your card.
If you are making your own card check you have an envelope that will fit the size your are planing to make. Finding white or coloured envelopes the size you want might not be as easy or as cheap as you may think. There is nothing worse than making a lovely card to find the only envelope you can find that it will fit in is brown.
•     Don’t be in a hurry, let it dry.
When using ink pads, ink pens and glue you are going to have to be a little careful. Some inks dry faster than others,if you work with a card with wet ink on it you are likely to accidentally smudge you beautiful work, move on to a different card and go back to it later to put the finishing touches in.
•     It’s never as bad as you think.
Remember that your cards are hand made, they are not supposed to be perfect. The effort involved in making a hand made card gives them meaning. It is so much nicer to receive a hand made card.
•     Keep it simple.
Simple cards are just as effective. Don’t feel you have to make complicated cards.
•     Try not to mix stickers with stamps.

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When using stickers to make cards be careful about adding ink stamp art to the card, as the two together do not always complement each other.
•     Use colours that contrast with their backgrounds so they can be seen.
When making cards it sometimes looks nicer if you put your picture, sticker or stamp on a cut out shape of coloured card that contrasts and compliments your picture. For example if you are using a dark blue background a pale blue or pale yellow card shape stuck on the front with your design on may set off the picture and make it look more interesting.
•     Other peoples tastes vary to your own.
If you design a card and you are not sure if it looks quite right, or you think that others will not like it, do not worry, there is always someone out there who it will appeal to. Place the card to one side, you can always ask someone’s else’s opinion or go back to it and change it at a later date.

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