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How to generate leads for SFI or other business | Best Free and Paid marketing

Generating leads is one of the key features  (read THE ONE AND ONLY ONE feature) to succeed in any business.

The question comes HOW TO Generate them. The Internet (or may be world as a whole) is flooded with multiple and lucrative opportunities to do business. There are many ways to do so depending upon the “type” of lead you are looking.

For a business like SFI the main aim is to “sign up” the leads. It can then lead to the easier thing “follow up”!! Remember when it is about a multi-tier business like SFI, follow up is of greater importance as it will give greater returns (simple principle of multi-tier earnings calculation). There are lot of offers and “systems” which claim to provide UNLIMITED FREE TRAFFIC to you. Only a few are good and worth the time and effort but this process is slow and spammy (remember spammers try to poke into guys looking for get-rich-quick-without-investment type businesses).

Let us explore some of the FREE advertising Ways:

1. $20 free traffic!! And upto $50 / person you refer

This is a sure shot way to success!! Get free traffic worth $20 from your blog or website and encash this wonderful opportunity. More over you can earn upto $50 per person you refer. If used intelligently you can make a HUGE success free of cost from this opportunity. JOIN HERE.

2. Banner Exchange:

Banner exchange is yet another way to get FREE traffic (you can get paid traffic as well). Here you have to display banner of other company/website and they show your banner to their visitors. The more you show, the more you get and it is absolutely FREE!


It is again a free and worthy method of getting traffic to your site. Try one of the program below:

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