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Facebook is THE craze of our times. It has changed the way we are communicating, it has changed the way we are sharing and it has changed the way we socialize! It is hard to believe a day without facebook for many youngsters and “facebook addicts” are increasing day by day.

From the “Good Morning. I just woke up” update in the morning to “Going to sleep. Good night friends” status, people are on facebook 24-7. It is the new time pass for some and a source of knowledge for others(yeah, facebook it the world’s largest link sharing site!). But there is a darker side of the story, a lot of people are facing issues related to accounts being hacked or abused, many are just in an embarrassing situation over some link shared or photo tagged.

Though facebook has a lot of privacy and protection features and it is working on the improvement each day, the spammers are finding their way out. It is a difficult task to manages such a colossal network with the world’s largest online population. Just check out some of the very interesting and useful articles on facebook. Read them, enjoy them, share them and help your friends and colleagues.

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