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BlackBerry finally arrives with BB10 OS and Z 10

Owning a BlackBerry had been a status symbol greatly until only the iPhone came into picture.Bringing back the BlackBerry to the owner’s pride is reinitiated by the all new Z 10. The operating 10 system of BlackBerry has been long awaited and considerably delayed for long from the manufacturers. Finally, the BlackBerry 10, the new operating system, is released.


Quite unusually, the device and the operating system no more hold the company’s name,Research in motion, RIM in short. The very appearance the phone will pose a question, is it from BlackBerry? This is because the keyboard is absent. The phone has a touchscreen. With all the other high speed smart phones in the market, the BlackBerry Z 10 seems to get into the competition of the gadget world of smart phones. The very appearance of the phone assures this.
The phone resamples any other Android phone in the market. The device has a slim and sleek design. The display is elegant with a resolution of 1280*768. The screen is of 4.2 inches. The device fits into the hand comfortably.

The BlackBerry phones are always known for the faster way of performance. But, the Z 10 that uses BlackBerry 10 OS is above all in terms of being fast. It is in fact the fastest BlackBerry phone. Also, compared to all the other phones, for instance the iPhone 5, the phone is a lot faster.Speed is the prime criteria of Z 10 and for sure that makes heads turn. Web browsing is faster in Z 10 than any other smart phone in the market. However, it also makes the phone’s shortcoming.
The faster and speedier performance takes toll on the power of the phone. Hence the battery life of BlackBerry Z 10 is short, which really a deficiency. You cannot expect the phone towork through a power packed or action packed day. You may experience faster browsing and communicating, but you cannot expect it to last for the whole day, without charging the phone again. You can expect a day’s work get done by the phone with no charging.

With no touch pad or trackball, it is really a great new experience for the BlackBerry users. But,few traditions of BlackBerry are found in this phone too. The sleep or wake toggle is found in the top center of the phone, which is usual in all BlackBerry phones. The volume control buttons are present in the right of the phone, which is another conventional design of the BlackBerry phones. Apart from these, the Z 10 has other new buttons and at places it has no buttons, and hence it is a bit complex for the new users to figure out which is what initially. BlackBerry assures to teach the users through advertisements. If you have no time to learn through this, the nit is going to be a bit problematic initially or until you are used to it.

Compared to the phones of the iPhone 5 or the smart phone from Samsung, the Z 10 has not perfect shots by the 8 MP camera it owns. You cannot auto focus or low light shots to be as hassle free as in the smart phones of the rivals.

This is a phone developed for software purposes. You would not expect such a phone without much to do with external buttons and a completely touch oriented phone from BlackBerry. The swipe based interface is definitely likely to take everyone by awe. A nice phone, with good features in the market is the BlackBerry Z 10, however the shortcomings like low battery power,absence of features like Netflix, do reflect on the phone’s show.

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