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5 Things for a career growth and never be jobless

Some Tips on How Not To Lose a Job and get a high everytime

work-officeNowadays, finding a job can be very tedious. However, some people contend that trying to keep a job to avoid the risk of losing it is in even harder. This is because they are trying whatever viable means there is, in order not to lose their jobs.


Unemployment is a devastating condition in the society.  It wrecks dreams and ambitions, and the goal to have a happy and decent life. With the threat of a double dip, the risk of loosing a job is on the height.


For people who already have a job and desire not to be jobless again, here are some tips that they must follow in order to stay on track:

1. Be Proactive

Some of the best talents in any organization under-perform because they are not proactive. This is the single most important thing to be in the limelight and gain confidence and trust across the organization (including yourself). 


2. Avoid being the koolest kid on the block

Few people are so obsessed to be Mr. kool (or Miss Kool for that matter) that they do all sort of things but work. They are busy to tell you where to do online shopping and what is the latest score of the match ongoing. They are aware of all the insider talks doing rounds in the office but what they are not aware of is that they are being watched for days. Be practical and professional!!


3. Employees should always try their best to improve their performance


This entails a chain reaction within the work force in the company. The employee should, by all means try harder to do their job well as well as improve their performance in order to increase productivity.


Once productivity has been improved, the income of the company will grow, meaning there will be more funds for remuneration and more probabilities that the company will adhere to its employees’ cultivation and motivation.


4. Avoid procrastination


If a person does not want to lose his or her job, procrastination should be avoided. Making up lame excuses, even if there is the slightest truth in it, will never justify the work undone.


5. It is better for a person to find a job that he or she truly likes.


It would be harder to keep a job that a person does not like. This will only result to poor performance and everything. It is better for a person to find a job that would bring meaning to his or her life.




The main point here is that people should know how to turn failures into success in order to focus on one common goal: never to lose a job again.

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