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How To Reduce Energy Usage At Home?

There are a number of good reasons for why it is a good idea to reduce energy usage at home. Not only does using less electricity helps to reduce the level of harmful carbon dioxide emitted thus saving the environment, but it also helps you cut down the costs of your utility bills.

The Infographic titled “How To Use Less Electricity?” describes some of the most effective ways to conserve electricity effectively at home.

The major uses of electricity at home in the United Kingdom include:

• Entertainment which consumes 25% of electricity
• Heating consumes 19% of electricity
• Lighting at home takes up 15% of the total electricity
• Cooking consumes 12% of electricity
• Refrigeration uses 13% of the total electricity
• Washing consumes 12% of electricity

There are certain ways which if followed can save a lot of electricity at home. These include the following:

• By Choosing appliances wisely-

1. When it comes to home entertainment, digital radios generally use more electricity than their analogue equivalents.

2. For computer equipments, choosing a laptop instead of a desktop and reducing standby can save up to £17 per year.

• Lighting- Incorporate more daylighting into your home by using energy-efficient windows and skylights.

For further information, Call the Npower Contact Number or refer the Infographic.

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